14 January 2009

Getting that time/muse to paint and signs of the times

I know the old wargamer's lament...We often buy more than we can paint or ever play with in three lifetimes...let alone one. But, that said, it's a struggle for some to have the time, wherewithal or even the muse to paint. I'm someone who the bug bites him and I become really productive...then, stuff sits for months on end...till boom, I get productive again. It's a weird cycle and I was wondering who else had such an observation or two out there?
Does your skill as a painter have anything to do with it? As in, the better you are, thus the more you'll churn out? Is that really how it works, or are there other factors involved? I am curious.
In other news, Wargames is cutting back their lines for various reasons, picked up some of the Hovels stuff I have had my eye on for a long time. Also, the local FLGS chain Game Parlor is cutting back it's hours as of next Monday. This is worrisome because I wonder, once these economic times conclude, and I believe they will, how many FLGS will see the other side of it? There's a lot of discussion on TMP here and here about it. So, prognostications are abounding...and with the nerves about the economy, will the hobby be one of the casualties?
Finally, a small question, are the people you game with people you wish were more or less mature. And, as we get older, do we demand more maturity for our fun? I am finding in my case, the answer is yes. I mean, being silly and cutting up is a whole lot of fun, but I am finding out you don't have to tell jokes that would have been funny to me ten years ago in the barracks or college dorm. Is this a function of getting older?
And one last note, I promise, to all living in the DC area, with the inauguration coming up, do you have plans to stay at home and work on hobby related items (I sure as heck do). Or, will you brave the crowds, cold and security to get a glimpse of history?

06 January 2009

A place to game in DC proper.

Well folks,
Here's where I ramble about something of interest to me. Namely? There's really not a decent place to game in DC that's not a bear to get to by metro. I really don't have driving as an option because I am an epileptic. It's just better I don't. So, I get rides from friends and or take metro. For my Classic Battletech group, it works well as we carpool anyhow. But for historicals...not so much. I've gone out to Game Parlor-Chantilly for NOVAG nights and getting back was an adventure, and expensive by taxi, not to mention it was somewhat easier when I worked in Falls Church to get there, Bethesda, not so much. So, what does a gamer in DC do? I am sure there are options that aren't occuring to me, so what the heck blog land? Are there options? Are there folks like me in DC who'd like to get together and work on this problem?