29 October 2010


Hey all,
I am going to Fall In tomorrow for Saturday and Sunday. If you plan on being there, or are already there, chime in. I'm gonna try to live blog, but that can be iffy. I've also inaguarated "Larry the Leadhead" here on the Blog, so we'll see how that goes. I think I am going to try to fill out some 20mm WWII and Modern needs this con, as the 15mm Sci-Fi pickings seem a bit thin, but that's ok. I also may load up on decals, paints and books, as I-94 will be there. Also, I am considering Check Your Six as there are rave reviews about the rules, 1/600 aircraft are dirt cheap and I kinda like the subject matter of the scenario packs. Gage, I promise I'll get you a pack of the PSC Russians.

So, I hope to see many of you, I'll be wearing a TMP ribbon as well with my screen name there; M1 Fanboy. So, I do hope I get the chance to put faces to names this trip.

26 October 2010


That's right, a new gamestore is opening in downtown DC. I am rather happy about this. A place for us closer in to play. It's in Eastern Market, so the neighborhood's decent, and I think the place is something for everyone.

Details to be found here:


I think this is a real opportunity for DC gamers as a whole! I plan to be there to scout the place out for their grand opening and I am holding an event there on December 18th as a way to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Please, if you're in the DC area and like 15mm Sci-Fi, Ambush Alley or just wanna game with like minded folks, come on down and join us!

19 October 2010

Call for articles for Sierra Foxtrot One Five and a small shoutout for another piece I worked on!

As you all know, our first issue was released back in September (almost October, but hey, who's counting!) and now that November's rolling about, it's time for a new issue! So, please send in your art and article submissions to:


I am hoping to get plenty of submissions and expand our size this time round!

I also have a small scenario in the latest issue of the SOTCW Journal, look for it on p42-43. It's set in the fateful early morning hours of June 6th, 1944..

11 October 2010

PC back up and running! Thank god, and I'm GOING TO FALL IN!!!

Hey guys,
First off, my home PC is fixed, sorta, we're functioning off of an old 200GB HD and my portable for now. That's not so bad, as I await my replacement drive from Seagate. Seems I was still under warranty. How in the heck that happened? I dunno. So, hopefully soon, I will have a brand spanking new HD and my computer troubles will be old news.
Second, I am going to Fall In through the graciousness of friends. I look forward to seeing faces old and new, and heck, seeing the Host for the first time in four years might actually be fun. I hear SGMM will be there, and that's going to allow me to fill a few things out, along with Eureka USA. Here's hoping they bring their 20mm WWII line...perhaps an email is in order?
Hadn't heard too much else I'd be too excited about, but I suspect some others will be there as well. And there's always the flea market!
Well, that's it for now.

07 October 2010

RL has peed in my cornflakes

At around 8AM this fine morning, the main HD on my PC, with just about all my files, decided to die, horribly. Now, most things I have backed up, but there are some items I don't. Trying to figure out which is gonna be fun....I should be back up by early next week, but no guarantees.