27 November 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all,
I am blogging from the wife's netbook at my parents. Let's just say I am rather OD'd on family togetherness. But this is a wargaming blog. So let's stick to the topics at hand.

1. SF 15 got a good response for articles and not so much for art. I will leave the art to our layout guy. I hope he can find some stuff we can use, but we'll make do. I'd really like to see somebody do a review for Tomorrow's War. I don't think either I or Gage should be doing any kind of review. We both helped with the playtest and I wrote some fluff for the rules. Talk about conflict of interest! What I am happy about is that we have at least two scenarios this time around! I am really psyched about that.

2. Got my Nook this week and took a look at it with a Battletech PDF, the results were so-so. I could read it but the occasional paragraph was out of wack and it took forever for any images in the file to load. Image heavy rules aren't the best on it, but if it's a lot of text, it'll do the job well.

That's pretty much it for now.

18 November 2010

Been a bad blogger Pt 2

Well all, it's been really busy in RL (My wife was hospitalized, it's the nature of the beast with bipolar disorder) on my end, but there was a lot of gaming news.

1. Ran a Tomorrow's War game at Steve's place, and while I may have screwed up the reaction rules, in fact, I am sure I did...everybody had fun, and about a billion suggestions for house rules. I do agree with one thing, bigger units seem to have more defensive dice, which is weird, because larger units should be easier to hit? Something to ponder. No pics, but the terrain and troops, 25mm this time, were gorgeous.

2. Fall In was a good time, and though I am writing about it three weeks after the fact. The vibe was kinda a downer, as a lot of vendors had a bad taste in their mouths about the lastest doings from HMGS. Spoke to Walt O'Hara, and while I will not relate what was said, any support I had for the Baltimore endeavor is over. I had no idea how badly it was planned and executed. I just hope the lawsuits that are going forward can be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

As for actual gaming? I got into a colonials game set in German SWA, and played the natives...The game was hard fought, with the natives controlling the high-ground and it became a smash mouth type of fight, just the kind of game I like. I lost on points, but who the hell cared?

The second game? It was a sci-fi 15s game? Well, it was confusing. I played the UN, and misread my victory conditions, getting into a fight I could not win. Oh well, I left early and hit the flea market, where I got some nice deals.

My third game was a Mexican-American game of Regimental Fire and Fury, while there was some argument over the scenario and play balance (some Mexican siege artillery that didn't fire on the Americans historically took out the US artillery), I had fun, though I don't get how Regimental F and F is much different from Regular F and F?

As for the haul I made?

1 Rapid Fire based company of 20mm WWII US airborne
50-60 20mm Partisans and Volksturm
1 FoV SU-122 in winter scheme
1 kit of the Armourama Fireflies
3 Ospreys I didn't have
The Against The Odds issue with the Russo-Finnish Air game in it.
Some Winter Americans and Early Pacific US and Japanese from SGMM
And, for Gage, a box of the PSC Soviets.

Not too shabby.

3. The deadline (self-imposed really) is coming up for SF 15's second issue, so if you've got something, please send it in. I really only have two submissions, and one's mine! So, if you want to submit something, and it's vaguely useful to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer, by all means send it in! We've got a new layout guy who has done wonders with the new covers and layout, I just want to give him something to work with!

So, there is is for now folks, more later!