25 March 2011

We're moving!

All new posts to this blog will be here:


So update your links!

I rather like the new format, easier to manage and a whole LOT less cluttered. Wordpress is more powerful than I thought and less of a pain to add pictures to.

09 March 2011

Some more Twilight 2000 Themed buildings I worked up

It's been a nutty couple of months for me, and I almost didn't make deadline for the 2011 Guild Project Build

As it was, a lot of my more grandiose plans went by the wayside, but I did manage to knock these out in a weekend's worth of work (day's more like it). You can do a lot of good work in a day if you have a plan and know what you're doing. And happily, I had both.

So here they are:

The first is an European themed building decorated with shrunken versions of real images of Soviet and Warpac propaganda and civil defense posters I found online.

The second is a building in the US occupied by the fascist group, New America and well, the locals have let their displeasure be known about the new occupiers....

07 March 2011

SF 15 Magazine Status

SF 15, the magazine of 15mm Sci-Fi gaming is taking calls for their third issue. It's been a tough time for me personally, and I admit, I didn't make the early March deadline. But, I am taking articles for the third issue for a revised publication time of late March-early April.

We're looking for any art that could be of use for the magazine and any articles of use to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer.

In that spirit..here's what I am looking for, it's of course, not limited to these items, but we'd love having some of this.

- A review of Tomorrow's War.
- Figure range reviews
- Scenarios (Can't go wrong there)
- Painting or modelling articles.

As for artwork? Well, whatever you can provide that's sci-fi themed. Of course, if it's somebody's figure line in "action", please get permission? I don't much fancy getting sued. As for anything else? Feel free to email me at JASONdotWEISERATgmailDOTcom for any questions or concerns.