21 January 2016

Red Star, White Lights to be released!

Warm up your wallets, and prepare to game on one of the coldest battlefield. Red Star, White Lights (hereafter referred to as RSWL) explores what might have happened in a Scandinavian theater of a Third World War in 1985.
It is a rules neutral (that means you can play it with any rules set) set of 12 skirmish scenarios and detailed squad and platoon orders of battle for Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as the Soviet VDV and Naval Infantry, and the British Royal Marine Commandos.
It also has notes for where to find miniatures to play out these battles in the cold north, as well as some suggestions for special rules and troop attributes. In short, it's a complete product!
But it is also part of a series, a series meant to answer the question, "What is going on in those 'Other Fires' of the Third World War" outside the conflagration of the Central Front.
RSWL is a PDF only product, and is being sold for $9.99 USD via Wargames Vault, or ArmiesArmy.com. We are offering $1 off for Guild Supporting Members and SOTCW members, but proof of membership is required.
So, warm up your wallets, pack your snowshoes, and come see what might have happened if the Red Star advanced south under the White Lights! 

17 November 2015

New Scenario Publisher on the block...

And I am the guy publishing.....

Hello everyone, I am writing to announce first, the formation of an imprint of ArmiesArmy called Ram Company Games. We will be an imprint doing generic scenario packs designed to appeal to the skirmish gamer, at least at first, but we’ll be expanding our repertoire as time goes on. Our first series we will be working on is called Other Fires: The Other Theatres of the Third World War.

These are scenario packs set in places other than the “traditional Soviet Sunday Drive to the Rhine.” The first is called Red Star, White Lights, and is set in Norway, Sweden and Finland in a hypothetical 1985. It is elite units and determined national armies fighting it out for a very important (but not often wargamed, at least from the non-naval perspective) area of the world.

I hope you enjoy our first offering, I am putting my heart and soul into it, because I want you, the gamer, to feel you are getting your money’s worth.  We also hope you consider using the 15mm figure line AA is putting together for battles in the north, and I will say this much, they look great from the pictures I have seen. But, you can use any scale, and any rules set you like.

I hope to have it ready by sometime before winter is over, but it will be ready when it is ready, and not a moment before.

So, come join us as the Red Star advances under the White Lights, and see who might have come out on top!

Red Star, White Lights will be available through the ArmiesArmy website and Wargames Vault, once it is ready!  

Ram Company Games FB Page
Ram Company Games Website
Ram Company Games Email

06 November 2015

Stuff for Sale- Winter Clearout (Can't make Fall In)

This is the preliminary for sale page...Pictures and details will go up shortly, but this is to give you all an idea of what is for sale. All prices are in USD. Buyer responsible for shipping. Paypal only.
Books and Rulebooks:
- 2 copies of Fireball Forward (one has some cover damage and will go for $7) $10
- Volley and Bayonet 1st Ed by GDW $5
- Volley and Bayonet 2nd Ed by Frank Chadwick and Greg Novak (Test of Battle Games) - $15 - SOLD
- Over the Top by GDW (Command Decision WWI) - $10
- Classified Scenario Pack for FoF by Ambush Alley Games - $15
- PMC 2640 by Assault Publishing - $20
- Men Under Fire by Test of Battle Games -$20 (WWII Skirmish)
- Unpainted collection of 15mm British and Dutch Belgians for 1815 Hundred Days - Looking for $150 for the lot. PM or email for details and photos. (I have to go through this for details)
-24 15mm old sculpt GZG Free Cal Tex troopers - $10

15mm WWII (Mix of Old Glory, PSC, and Battlefront) to be posted soon.
More will go up as the days go on, so watch this space. Please either contact me at jason.weiser@gmail.com or PM me care of the board.

24 September 2015

More on the Battletech Alpha Strike Project

Kilo Company, 3/1st Robinson Rangers RCT, ca. 3056

   Shelton's Sweep Lance
         Leftenant Mackenzie Shelton, Skill 2, Phoenix Hawk PXH-3D
         Staff Sergeant Galit Foster, Skill 3, Dart DRT-4S
         Sergeant Danica Kemeny, Skill 3, Battle Hawk B-H-K305
         Sergeant Riku Ready, Skill 3, Commando COM-5S

    Ebner's Battle Lance
         Leftenant Thorben Ebner, Skill 3, Osprey OSP-1S
         Staff Sergeant Tomi Filpek, Skill 3, Phoenix Hawk PXH-3S
         Sergeant Kaja Fairburn, Skill 4, Dervish DV-7D
         Sergeant Dominik Lis, Skill 4, Vindicator VND-1SIC

     Peak's Fire Lance
         Hauptmann Jezebel Peak, Skill 3, Zeus ZEU-9S
         Leftenant Drysten Roche, Skill 3, Marauder MAD-3S
         Sergeant Major Alice Gibbs, Skill 4, Catapult CPLT-K2
         Staff Sergeant Fishel Baardsson, Skill 4, Quickdraw QKD-5M

The company, with skill costs, totaled out at 390 points according to the MUL.

Bios of Company Mechwarriors

Shelton’s Sweep Lance
Leftenant Mackenzie Shelton: Leftenant Shelton hails from Emporia, near Robinson in the Draconis March. Shelton grew up in a working class home, his mother and father both farmers, and knew little of the wars that racked the Successor States except for the occasional Combine deep raid. Shelton signed up with the AFFS as an infantryman in 3046, and served on the Clan front with the 5th Davion Guards, and was one of the few survivors of the debacle on La Grave, having a scarred face from an inferno round to prove it, along with a Fedcom Medal of Honor for leading the 12 men of his platoon through Jade Falcon lines to safety. He was a 21 year old PFC at the time. Shelton was selected for Battlemech training and attended a crash course at the Pandora College of Military Sciences until 3053, when he was selected for OCS after having graduated in the top 10% of his class. He was commissioned as a Leftenant in 3054 and was assigned to the 1st Robinson Rangers soon after to replace the previous lance commander who had died in a Steel Viper raid.

Shelton is a cautious fellow, he has seen the Clans up close and personal, and he knows their power. He won’t spend any lives or equipment he doesn’t have to, and he fights smart. He keeps up on the latest information on ‘Mech technology, as he is obsessed with closing the technological gap with the Clans, seeing that as the primary reason for their superiority on the battlefield. He is an average leader in the field, realizing he has a lot to learn from SSGT Foster.

Staff Sergeant Galit Foster: SSG Foster has been with the 1st Robinson for most of her military career, and has seen lance commanders come and go. Her family held a minor patent of nobility on Robinson itself, though she was the second child, and thus, unlikely to inherit. She is a graduate of the Robinson Battle Academy, Class of ’29 and saw some action during the tail end of the 4th Succession War. SSG Foster has a bit of a temper and doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate it when she is displeased. She does realize she is getting older and would like to move up to an open NCO position at battalion or regimental headquarters, but realizes the competition is tough for those slots. She is the lance’s “rock” in combat and is a very competent combat leader, having demonstrated it most recently during the last Steel Viper raid where the last lance commander was killed.

Sergeant Danica Kemeny: SGT Kemeny is a very optimistic person, who believes she is part of a great effort to stop the ravening efforts of the “rapacious clan menace” or whatever the current line of FedCom propaganda is these days. Kemeny hails from Kentares IV, growing up in a middle class family, he mother a schoolteacher, and her father a hovercar salesman. It surprised her family when she joined the Conroe Training Battalion as a chance to “do her part”. (Her father blamed the constant lessons about the Kentares Massacre in school). She was assigned to the Clovis DMM for several years, seeing action against several Combine raids until 3053, when she asked for a transfer to the 1st Robinson on their eve of departure for the Clan front. It is a decision she has never regretted. For all of her optimism, she is a placid, even tempered mechwarrior in combat and has proven to be a very talented light ‘mech pilot.

Sergeant Riku Ready: SGT Ready hails from Gibbs and as a Steiner ‘mechwarrior, he cannot believe he was “unfortunate” enough to be stuck with these “Davion plebeians”. The only good thing about all this is that he gets to kill those “proto-communists from the Periphery” (ie: The Clans). He is in total agreement about the “Clan menace” needing to be stopped, but he is a bit cautious when it comes to him personally doing the stopping. Born to middle class parents, he left the import/export business to sign up with the LCAF in 3050 when the call went out to stop the Clans. By the time Ready was ready to go to war two years later, the invasion had ended, and there was a dilemma on what to do with him. Riku spent another two years cooling his heels with the 15th Lyran Regulars, chasing pirates who were fleeing the Jade Falcons. But things changed in 3053 as a number of Davion units needed replacements due to recent casualties, he was selected (some think it was because of the fact Ready kept pestering his last company commander for a transfer to a unit on the Clan front) and arrived at the 1st Ranger’s cantonment on Kooken’s Pleasure Pit on January 2nd, 3054.

He is not a popular person in the company, but he is skilled, if he would just stop dedicating kills to Katrina and Melissa Steiner like he was on Solaris, then he would be even more popular.

Ebner’s Battle Lance
Leftenant Thorben Ebner: Leftenant Ebner is a recent product of the Pandora College of Military Science, class of 3050, and then was selected for OCS. Ebner has lost friends to the Clan invasion, and his signing up was a source of consternation to his middle class parents, who ran a successful tax attorney firm on Borghese.  To them, other people signed up, not him. But Leftenant Ebner had dreams of glory, nobility, and all that came with in his eyes. He has begun to see the truth behind the shiny medals now that he is in the real world, but he still has not lost that sense that somehow, he is the best thing that has happened to the 1st Robinson Rangers.  Happily for all concerned, he is actually a very good officer, so there is something to back up the boastful nature and he is careful with the lives of his men and women while in combat. Who knows, perhaps one day, he might be Marshal Ebner? His lance knows that on some level, the boasts are covering up a raft of insecurities about his professional abilities, so they tolerate it for now.

It doesn’t help his attitude that Ebner’s wealthy parents paid top dollar to have a rare Star League Osprey refitted and assigned to him as his ‘Mech. The trouble is, the damn thing draws all kinds of fire from enraged clanners, and tends to be a source of not so minor irritation to the rest of the lance.

Staff Sergeant Tomi Filipek: Staff Sergeant Filipek comes from a long line of police officers on David. She was not interested in continuing the family tradition of walking a beat in the planetary capitol and wanted to see the stars. Her cheery disposition, along with a few favors, got her a slot with the Kilbourne Training Battalion, and she graduated with distinction in 3039, just in time for Hanse Davion’s abortive invasion of the Combine, where Tomi first saw action with the 17th Avalon Hussars on An Ting, and won the Silver Sunburst for her actions there, but she lost a lot of friends by the time it was all over, and requested a transfer to the 1st Robinson, which was granted as soon as the cease-fire went into effect. She served with the 1st and was seen as a cheery, steady and competent presence in Kilo Company. It was for this reason, that she was made SSGT of the Battle Lance in 3050. She is a very skilled combat leader, and if Leftenant Ebner got himself killed in a bit of glory-seeking (which, thankfully for all concerned, hasn’t happened yet), SSGT Filpek could fight the lance very easily.

Sergeant Kaja Fairborn: Sergeant Fairborn is from a middle class family on New Valencia, with her mother as a technical writer for a small tech firm, and her father is a firefighter. A graduate of the Conroe Training Battalion, she graduated in the middle of her class, her class ranking would be higher if she wasn’t such a discipline problem in barracks. Kaja is at heart, a hedonist, and that nature has gotten her into a measure of trouble during her time with the 1st Robinson, and has ensured that she will probably never get promoted. Lately, the seeming unstoppable nature of the Clans has convinced her that the end of the Inner Sphere is at hand, and the time to “eat, drink, and be merry” is at hand. She thinks she personally hasn’t got a chance, but intends to fight as long as she can to make sure the Clans don’t reach Davion space, but wonders if that will make much of a difference. Her mindset is similar to many a German soldier in 1945, feeling trapped between duty and the reality of the situation. But, the fact is, the Federated Commonwealth is far from beaten, but Fairborn cannot be convinced otherwise.

Sergeant Dominik Lis: Sergeant Lis has, to say the least, a very odd background. He was found on the doorstep as a baby on an orphanage on Conroe, with a note attached to his bassinet stating that his mother was the last of a minor Capellan ‘mechwarrior family that had been killed during the war with Canopus. He grew up an orphan, not realizing that there was a minor trust being held for him when he reached 16, not the least of which was a Vindicator battlemech.
When Dominik aged out of the orphanage, he took his ‘Mech, and his trust, and hired an instructor to teach him what he needed to know to compete for a slot at the Robinson Battle Academy. His persistence, and his story paid off, but it is a decision that haunted Lis. He was hazed very badly at the Academy, including an incident that left a web of scars on his right arm, and Lis a very shy, withdrawn man.

Lis is quietly very grateful to the Federated Commonwealth, and is willing to fight to the death for her, but he is cautious with his ‘Mech, believing that were he to become dispossessed, he would not get another one due to his parentage.

Peak’s Fire Lance
Hauptmann Jezebel Peak: Captain Peak is a study in contrast in ranks. She was born to a working class family of general laborers on Conroe. She enlisted in the AFFC in 3046 and became part of a Manticore crew assigned to the 33rd Avalon Hussars.  She was picked out as a natural leader, and her pragmatic nature made her a smart, level headed NCO when she was selected for a tank commander position with the 33rd Avalon Hussars.  Her baptism of fire was against the Wolves on Suk II and she was the only survivor of her tank, let alone her platoon. She was badly wounded, spending the rest of the Clan Invasion in a hospital bed. It is something that torments her to this day and she lives for the chance to revenge the spirits of her men and women on the Clans. She is convinced that if she was more aggressive, more willing to close with the Clans, that her men and women would be alive today. Once she returned to active duty, she was selected for ‘Mech training and OCS, graduating first in her class in both. Her pragmatic nature made her a solid officer, but she became reckless when presented with Clan opponents. But, due to a dearth of qualified officers, she was assigned as a lance commander to the 1st Robinson. It wasn’t long before she was promoted to command Kilo Company after the previous commander was killed in a hovercar accident.

 Most of Captain Peak’s tactical solutions revolve around organizing an attack as soon as possible, but that approach can border on the reckless, and it is beginning to with Hauptmann Peak. She is on the whole, a competent leader, but the guilt she is trying to expunge, as well as the vengeance she seeks, may get her and more of her men and women killed.

Master Sergeant Fishel Baardsson: MSGT Baardsson comes from an odd background of his own. His was a prominent Rasalhague military family that had served the Draconis Combine for centuries. They were also Jewish, and secretly members of the SPA. When they were finally found out in 3020, the ISF showed no mercy, and a Davion merchant who owed Fishel’s father a favor got the young man to a cousin on Coventry, who got Fishel to some distant relatives on Robinson. In 3027, grateful to the Federated Suns for taking him in, and having been part of a military family in two realms (the Davion end of the family was a minor military family of some renown), managed to get a slot at the Sakhara Academy, where he graduated towards the top of his class.

Fishel was then posted to a series of March Militia units, before being assigned to the 1st Robinson in 3042, where he has remained ever since, being made Master Sergeant (and Kilo Company SNCO) in 3050, on the eve of the Clan Invasion. Fishel is also a devout Jew, and observes as much as he can, even when in the field. He sees the Clans as little more than misguided fools who have yet to discover God, but unlike Vorster with the Fox’s Teeth, doesn’t feel that he needs to make them aware of that, and thinks religion is about self-discovery. MSGT Baardsson is a man of refined tastes, and often takes in whatever cultural events he can attend, duty and religious demands notwithstanding. 

He is one of the few married men in the Company, having met his wife 15 years ago while on Mallory’s World. She is back there with his two children, on his insistence. He is a competent leader as well, and is a believer in bold, violent action, but unlike the Hauptmann, knows when it is time to call it a day.

Sergeant Drystan Roche: Sergeant Roche is a native of Wyatt, and how he wound up with a Davion line unit is to him, one of the vagaries of life in the Inner Sphere. Born into a family that made its money in a wildly successful cosmetics line, Roche was planning on taking over the family business. When the AFFC came knocking with draft papers in 3050, it knocked Roche’s whole world asunder. Happily, Roche had been trained on the family ‘Mech, and had been able to pay for the mech to be upgraded to the MAD-3S standard, as well as the best private training..when Roche reported six months later, the AFFC happily posted him to the Pandora CMS to polish his skills, and then he was reassigned to the 1st Robinson in 3055 as a replacement for a casualty.

Roche is a liberal minded person, and thinks little of all kinds of lifestyle choices, even if he personally, isn’t inclined to try them. He thinks the Clans could use a little exposure to life in the Inner Sphere, and that would set them straight on a lot of issues, so far, few have been willing to listen. He is even headed in combat, and has been helping run the family business from his duty posting, sending a flurry of ideas monthly via HPG.

Sergeant Alice Gibbs: Sergeant Gibbs is an old hand who is happy being a mechwarrior and nothing else. She likes only being responsible for herself and her aggressive nature suits her very well, even though her nature in combat is far more even handed. Her main problem is her hedonistic nature, which has gotten her in as much trouble as Sergeant Fairburn, they are often seen drinking and carousing together, even if Gibbs cannot always stand Fairburn’s gloomy nature when she is really drunk. Gibbs is level headed in combat, having a knack for being where she is needed. Gibbs has been shunted from unit to unit in her 25 year career with both the AFFS and AFFC, her homeworld of Layover being a memory, as she has not returned since she joined the Kilbourne Training Battalion in 3035. She says little about her family, except to say that they “got in the way of her fun”.

Her ‘Mech, a captured Kurita Catapult (K2 model) is the oldest ‘Mech in the unit, and no one has made any offers to upgrade Gibbs ride, figuring the Clans will either kill her off, or she will finally retire.

23 September 2015

Much ado in the wargaming front...

It has been an active time wargaming wise thus far.
First, I ran my Russo-Polish 2018 micro armor game using FFT3 rules. The game ran well, though two small problems:
a) I forgot to get photos.
b) NLOS 3rd gen ATGM is really, really nasty. And the launchers are damned hard to deal with. The Poles are just proving on my gaming table that Spike-LR is truly the "Israeli Death Ray".
I am also coming along with a little project for Battlech Alpha Strike: It is a company of Robinson Rangers, ca. 3056. It is an eclectic group of mechs and I really am having fun with the project, though I will admit I am taking my time with it..but I do have some in progress pics to show off.
Also, in conjunction with the Russo-Polish project, I wanted to post this little future history....and see if it was worthy gaming fodder?
The Year is 2018
·         The Western nations of the EU have cut defense spending to dangerous levels, spending the money instead on increased social service transfer payments to a restive refugee population from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan or oil and gas purchases from any quarter available, including an increasingly aggressive Russia. Arguments on what to ultimately do with said refugee population has left an East-West split in the EU that is ever widening, only through American and British efforts has NATO not split irrevocably.
·         The Mideast is in near meltdown. No central government is extant in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, or Lebanon, with the Islamic State having collapsed after the death of its titular leader in a US drone strike. Kurdistan has declared independence, revolution is in the air in Iran and Egypt. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf nations have become fanatical garrison states, closing their borders except at the oil ports. Egypt is in the throes of civil war. Pakistan is in chaos, in the wake of a botched military coup, and the Indians are weighing their military options. Israel stands alone as a beacon of civilization in the Mideast, but is under siege by a very desperate Palestinian population.
·         Russia’s population crisis is beginning to bite, with analysts stating that she will go from 165 million people in 2015, to 130 million by 2030. Russia is desperate for a population base to help weather the storm. With fuel prices what they are, the Russians finally have the money to settle old scores with their former Cold War “allies”.
·         Oil and gas prices are at an all-time high, with spot shortages in Europe and Asia, China is especially feeling the pinch, and she has been reduced to selling her American debt holdings back to the US in an effort to stabilize her economy. North Korea is in chaos, with a five sided civil war breaking out in 2017.
·         The US is weathering the storm, with an energy fueled recovery, and a Republican presidential victory in 2016 opening up both the Keystone pipeline and ANWAR, the US now has more than enough fuel for its domestic needs. The US has accelerated its disengagement from the Mideast,  (with the exception of its support for Israel) and has begun to focus more on Europe, with a resurgent Russia replacing China as America’s new strategic challenge. The US has begun a moderate defense buildup, which has only now begun to take shape.
·         In early 2017, Belorussia announces that it has concluded an agreement with Russia to reunify. Many observers call the treaty the Second Anchluss. Before long, major elements of the Russian military are on the Polish border.
·         While this is occurring, the Polish government announces the discovery of major shale deposits in the Carpathian Mountains, south of Krakow. The find is big, enough to meet most of Poland’s energy needs, and make Poland a net energy exporter in three years. Russia cannot abide by this, and Russo-Polish relations go into a death spiral.
·         Before long, the Russians accuse Poland of having designs on the Kaliningrad Oblast. This is a charge Poland denies vociferously. After the Russians stage an incident along the border to the Oblast, they then make threats to end the “Nazi cabal in Warsaw”. Poland mobilizes, and asks NATO for assistance. Except for concrete aid from the US and the UK (a USMC Battalion is airlanded in Warsaw and married up with its pre-positioned equipment within 24 hours of the Polish request, and a UK Airmobile Brigade lands at Krakow airport, more is arriving by the hour), the NATO allies make a lot of tough talk and halfhearted speeches about “Alliance Unity”. Germany and France go so far as to declare their neutrality in the conflict, but stating they are still willing to remain in NATO.
·         Three days later, after a Russian ultimatum runs out, the eastern Polish frontier lights up with the largest artillery barrage by the Russian Army since World War II. The Russian plan is simple, airmobile and airborne troops, backed by Spetsnaz, will seize all the major river crossings over the Bug, the Narew, the San, and most importantly, the Vistula. The Russians attempt to kill the Polish Prime Minister, and do kill quite a few members of Parliament, as well as the head of the Air Force in Spetsnaz raids. The Russian Air Force is playing hell with the roads and river traffic, delaying the Polish attempt to shift units from the West and South to the East. After that, some 15 Tank and Motor Rifle Brigades roll into Eastern Poland. The Russians have but one objective: Warsaw. All that Poland has to face the Russians is a few scratch brigades trading what space they have for time while the rest of the army shifts to the east.
·         In the rest of the world, Israel invades Syria to restore order after a warlord “accidentally” shells a kibbutz near the Golan. Iran invades Southern Iraq for much the same reasons, although they openly admit they want control of the long disputed Shat-al-Arab. In North Korea, a Chinese backed military coup partially succeeds, but winds up only controlling the Capitol, as the other Corps commanders in the North Korean People’s Army have their own ideas on who should be in charge, and a fratricidal 5 sided civil war breaks out, soon sparking Chinese and South Korean intervention, the two sides soon engaging in clashes as they both attempt to grab as much of North Korea’s arsenal of WMD before anyone else does.
·         Mexico after years of LIC between the government and the narcotraficantes, descends into civil war. When evidence of Russian arms and advisers show up in the hands of the “narcos”, the US intervenes.
·         The UN, ever a moribund organization, breaks up under the strain of at least three members of the permanent 5 in the Security Council shooting at each other in Poland.

03 August 2015

Gaming Inadequacy!

Yeah, I know what your are saying, "WTF man?" but hear me out. I guess my main issue is that I am rather dedicated to this hobby, but I wonder if my skill matches it. I will admit to not being the most patient fellow when I put things together. I am also the world's biggest klutz, and frankly, my stuff falls short of some of the real artistry out there,
Yeah, I know, the three foot rule. But honestly, I went to Historicon, put on a pair of games, and only one was up to snuff in the looks department....barely. I am not saying I am going to give up on the hobby, or become one of these folks whose only hobbies are what new trendy habit they can discover this week,  but dammit, I want a better look to my stuff. One that says "Hey folks, come play my game, you will have a ton of fun!"
I guess right now, I am left wondering what to do about this, and what else I can learn from the experience. I saw Jerry Frazee's setup, and what can I say, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! He more than deserved best of show.
I guess my main issue is, ok, so what do I do to at least look like I belong in the arena, and not like some 12 year old kid putting on a game with his friends (Not that that is a bad thing, I was once that 12 year old kid putting on games).

At the request of one poster...here is my tables....

20 July 2015

Long time no blog, and lessons learned from my first Historicon run!

Well, it has been a while since I last posted to this humble blog. I am surprised I have any readers left at all! But, I have crossed off an item on the bucket list!
I ran events at Historicon.
So, what did I learn....a lot!
In fact I wrote the lessons down because I think they bear out for anyone considering running a game at any convention!
Historicon 2015 Lessons Learned
1.       Prep is everything. I could have been better prepared and well, I forgot some crucial items that made the first demo into a near disaster. The second went well because I did crash prep with Annie’s help. No more of this. I want to be ready 30 days out from the convention from now on!
2.       Looks of my table. My tables were fair to middling at best for the demo, and the second game while very good, could have been better. So, how do we fix this?
-          More terrain (build it or buy, I am thinking build)
-          Better storage arrangements (Preserve what I do have longer).
-          Get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to the look I want.
3.       Poise, I have to stop being nervous. I am good at this, really good, and I have proved it in the past as I used to run Battletech successfully, a lot. So, you have slain the Historicon beast, now, let’s do it again, only better.
4.       Organization, get a system and stick with it!