20 July 2015

Long time no blog, and lessons learned from my first Historicon run!

Well, it has been a while since I last posted to this humble blog. I am surprised I have any readers left at all! But, I have crossed off an item on the bucket list!
I ran events at Historicon.
So, what did I learn....a lot!
In fact I wrote the lessons down because I think they bear out for anyone considering running a game at any convention!
Historicon 2015 Lessons Learned
1.       Prep is everything. I could have been better prepared and well, I forgot some crucial items that made the first demo into a near disaster. The second went well because I did crash prep with Annie’s help. No more of this. I want to be ready 30 days out from the convention from now on!
2.       Looks of my table. My tables were fair to middling at best for the demo, and the second game while very good, could have been better. So, how do we fix this?
-          More terrain (build it or buy, I am thinking build)
-          Better storage arrangements (Preserve what I do have longer).
-          Get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to the look I want.
3.       Poise, I have to stop being nervous. I am good at this, really good, and I have proved it in the past as I used to run Battletech successfully, a lot. So, you have slain the Historicon beast, now, let’s do it again, only better.
4.       Organization, get a system and stick with it!