27 August 2010

The latest

Things on the SF 15 front have been quiet, we just haven't gotten any article other than the one submission. If you're willing, please submit what you're writing to jason.weiser@gmail.com.

In other news, I had some health trouble recently, another seizure. I am alright, though it's more my back being hurt than anything else, as I wrenched the hell out of it. I'm on Dilantin for now and I *should* be alright as I have a neuro appointment next month.

In related news, I am looking to get rid of my copy of Left For Dead. I was playing it when I had aforementioned seizure. I just think, considering the circumstances, it's probably a good idea to get rid of it.

The ad on TMP for it is here:

I've gotten some more 20mm almost done, Soviet WWII Sailors this time, I'll have pictures up on the blog as soon as I can, they really were rather easy to paint, but I do confess that I think I finally have enough of the lads.

Finally, it looks as if Tomorrow's War is edging ever close to being released for sale. Even as a "pre-release" PDF version, I am enthusiastic about it to no end.

My Battletech strategic PBEM continues apace, me being promoted from Lyran player to co-Gm as the ref sure needed the help. It's more fun than I thought it would be.

That's it for now.

10 August 2010

Sierra Foxtrot One Five is BORN!

As submitted here:

Sierra Foxtrot One Five, a new fanzine for 15mm SF gamers, is looking for article submissions from you. Just about anything that could be of use to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer will be accepted.

- Articles should be good, but pithy. Anything over 2-3K in length is going to probably be made a 2-parter.

- Pictures should be in .jpeg or .gif format.

- If you want to do art for us, realize we're doing a "hard-sf" look for the mag, we're getting away from the Gothic SF look of GW.

What kinds of articles are we looking for? AARs, Scenarios, reviews of figures, resin vehicles, terrain or just about anything of interest to the 15mm SF gamer. (We're especially looking for stuff that could be useful but a 15mm gamer might overlook). Interviews with figure manufacturers and rules writers (down in front Jon, CW and the gang at Rebel and Khurasan!).

All article submissions should be in .doc, .txt or .rtf format. Please send all submissions to jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom

And thanks!

04 August 2010

It's a go!

As I posted on TMP:

Ok folks,
Jage 111 and I have begun work, I've already penned an article, a scenario to be honest, and it's generic enough you can use it with any system.

What do we need from you? If you want to write, we're looking to put the first issue out sometime next month, after that, it'll be every three months to start. So, we need articles! Anything 15mm sci fi or stuff that can be used with 15mm sci fi is welcome. Please send it to me at:


I'll get it to Jage, unless he's willing to give his email out here.

We'd especially love articles on world building and new backgrounds to game in, or how to adapt that favorite RPG or other game background to your beloved rules set.

We're also taking name submissions for the fanzine, names suggested thus far are:

"Miniature Droptrooper"

Obviously, we need a bit of help here. So, send your ideas about that too either via PM or email as mentioned earlier.

Thanks a bunch guys, and let's see if we can make this a success.

A link to the actual post is here:

TMP Post

02 August 2010

15mm Sci-Fi Fanzine?

With the recent explosion of 15mm as a sci-fi scale, I've been pretty happy to report that it seems that the new releases are just getting harder and harder to track. What is vexing however, is that there isn't as much of a "one stop shop" or more indepth articles for those of us who appreciate the 15mm and it's sci-fi Renaissance.

Jage, a friend and fellow TMPer, has proposed a fanzine to fill in the blanks that Dropship Horizon or other's can't because blog entries aren't always able to be longer affairs like a fanzine can. I think this is a solid idea and I am certainly in favor of the idea. I think a quarterly format, of four issues per year in PDF format might work best, and I think for the most part, it's what one can get in terms of articles for now.

But the fact is, we really don't want to "step on toes" of the great bloggers like LSS and Dropship, to name a few. So, what say you, fellow 15mm gamer? I'd like to hear your take on the idea.

01 August 2010

WW I this weekend

Well, gamed with the crew in Alexandria this weekend. And did we have fun! The game was set during the last German offensive in 1918. I played Germans mainly b/c of all the toys we got, tanks, flammenwerfer, mortars, Stosstruppen. Yeah, it was just too tempting.

I ended up commanding what soon became described as the pinning force while the other guys on my side moved up the left. Well, I got hammered. My tank was riddled with HMG fire and everybody died...but not before I got a breach in the wire. So, I pushed everybody through...only to watch only two of them make it to the British trench line in the end, and die in the melee.

On my left, the attack went alright, the British bunkers were suppressed, and the tanks kept stalling out (mine was the only one that was consistently moving...as it turned out). They got into the British trench line, and the A7V trundled through the British trench line(happily, our artillery had waxed the British Heavy Mortar that had been covering the sector with a lucky round). But, alas, the tank and one German survivor cowering in a captured bunker was all that was left of approximately a company's worth of Germans. Yep, typical WWI. I had a good time though. The mayhem was picturesque and the rules (Trench Wars), were simple buckets o' dice rules, which I happen to like.

I wanna thank Steve, Dave, Jason and Wyatt for a fun and engaging game. Here's to next month. The terrain and company is simply awesome.

And now, here's some pictures:


The bunker on the left that the Germans managed to take.


My forlorn Mk IV after being riddled with HMG fire.


A panoramic view of the field.

A closeup of my MK IV


The A7V that made it through the British trench line


Here I am about to make the fateful breach


Here's some of the British defenders.