27 May 2009

The Hammer of Strephon!!!!





Wow, lot's happened!

As you can see, I have been busy. I finished the 20mm building seen in the earlier post and am working on another one and the Terminators. Gotta put the finished pics of those up, and I have some Traveller Imperial Marines to finish the basework on and spray up. Gotta get some vehicles for them at some point. I am next going to work on some old Force XXI figures (only thing I have from them). They'd look good as Tanstaffl Free Legion troops from 2300 fame. And, since I am a big 2300 fan...they make a natural fit, and the scheme is easy to paint from the looks of it.

Ambush Alley goes well, and I am working on the Terminator rules because recent playtests found out a few things that need tweaking...but I want to be careful with the rules as written.

14 May 2009

Wow, I made the TMP news headlines!

I didn't think this would happen, who knows, perhaps this will get more people reading the blog...and playing Ambush Alley!

Check it all out here

06 May 2009

The Wordle thus far

I need to stop using "Well" so much...

Wordle: My blog Wordle

01 May 2009

15mm Terminator WIP

What a difference a week makes!

I am very enthused about recent developments all around! I have found someone in N. Va who wants to get in a game or three..and we're in the process of planning something for this weekend. I know, better get a bloody move on on it! I have been working on some 15mm items for Sci-fi...I'll have the first pics up soon! Let's just say John Connor's going to need more firepower!

In other news, I am planning how to use Ambush Alley to reflect terminators and Xenomorphs ala Aliens. I know, I could wait for the Sci-fi expansion, and I think it's going to be Stargrunt good, but honest, I have never been all that good at waiting. Frankly..it's a shame 20mm Sci-fi never had quite the audience 15s did. But that's alright, with the 15mm sci-fi renaissance being what it is now, I am kept quite happy...methinks I will work on my Imperial Marines next. After that, who else, but Hammer's Slammers!

My main problem? Coming up with inspirations for all of the armies I have in 15mm. Frankly, I don't want to paint variations of the same, but to have some really creative ideas. So, fellows out in Blogland, send me ideas! Links especially.