24 December 2010

Little Christmas gift for everyone in Ambush Alley Land.

I made some changes to my Terminator and Kafer rules to bring them into line for TW. Please feel free to either download them at the AA Yahoo Group, or HERE and HERE. Feel free to download...and Merry Christmas all!

21 December 2010

What's happening in 2011.

1. With my private life calming down, and work winding down into the new year, I do now have some time to work on some stuff. I also have the Guild's Project Build I signed up for. Yes, that's right. I am going to get this 20mm Twilight 2000 project done. Here's some of the ideas I wanna do:

- A Polish Battlegroup, probably of a built BMP-2 (ACE kit) and a Britannia T-55 along with some Grenadier 20mm figures. Probably even some Horse Cav?

- An East German Battlegroup of some BTR-152s and a T-72 called "Kampfgruppe Thallmann". I think some mixed East German figs, mostly of former Kampfgruppe der Arbeiterklasse (Battlegroups of the Working Class, eg East German Militia) and the old MfS Wachregiment "Feliks E. Dzierzynski"
(They're trustworthy Germans, or at least the Soviets think so), I am thinking the East Germans will come from Platoon 20 and RH Models.

- Repaint (Not happy with the BDUs at all) and organize my Americans, probably organize both a band of 5th Division survivors and a DIA backed SF unit.

- Paint up and organize my Brits, I've got a lot of what I need for them, I just need to paint the lot up. Rest assured, THEM will put in an appearance. (anybody got a Spare pair of Landrovers in 20mm?)

- Organize and come up with a backstory for my Soviets.

- I also want to paint up a Marauder band. I have a few Dark Future 20mm GW figures. I'd love to get more, but those things are damn rare. But these fellas seem to be coming to the fore! Some of their line might suffice.

Think that's enough tasks?

2. In other news, I am weighing what to use for Imperial Army troops. I know I've got the Traveller Imperial Marines, and Zhos for sure. I've got plenty I can use for lower tech troops as well as Swordies. But Imperial Army? I am thinking the new Khurasan Federal Army types. I just have to get the items together, but that's taking a bit of a back seat to my group build.

3. The Guild's Big Game is going to Be Modern Africa sometime in 2012. I am interested, but I did have some misgivings about 20mm Modern Africa. Oh well, I guess I can make it work, it just means Rolf is going to get plenty of my money. Though I hear Ehliem is also coming out with some suitable figures.

That's it for now, but I know there's going to be more, but we'll see where things go from here.

27 November 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all,
I am blogging from the wife's netbook at my parents. Let's just say I am rather OD'd on family togetherness. But this is a wargaming blog. So let's stick to the topics at hand.

1. SF 15 got a good response for articles and not so much for art. I will leave the art to our layout guy. I hope he can find some stuff we can use, but we'll make do. I'd really like to see somebody do a review for Tomorrow's War. I don't think either I or Gage should be doing any kind of review. We both helped with the playtest and I wrote some fluff for the rules. Talk about conflict of interest! What I am happy about is that we have at least two scenarios this time around! I am really psyched about that.

2. Got my Nook this week and took a look at it with a Battletech PDF, the results were so-so. I could read it but the occasional paragraph was out of wack and it took forever for any images in the file to load. Image heavy rules aren't the best on it, but if it's a lot of text, it'll do the job well.

That's pretty much it for now.

18 November 2010

Been a bad blogger Pt 2

Well all, it's been really busy in RL (My wife was hospitalized, it's the nature of the beast with bipolar disorder) on my end, but there was a lot of gaming news.

1. Ran a Tomorrow's War game at Steve's place, and while I may have screwed up the reaction rules, in fact, I am sure I did...everybody had fun, and about a billion suggestions for house rules. I do agree with one thing, bigger units seem to have more defensive dice, which is weird, because larger units should be easier to hit? Something to ponder. No pics, but the terrain and troops, 25mm this time, were gorgeous.

2. Fall In was a good time, and though I am writing about it three weeks after the fact. The vibe was kinda a downer, as a lot of vendors had a bad taste in their mouths about the lastest doings from HMGS. Spoke to Walt O'Hara, and while I will not relate what was said, any support I had for the Baltimore endeavor is over. I had no idea how badly it was planned and executed. I just hope the lawsuits that are going forward can be settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

As for actual gaming? I got into a colonials game set in German SWA, and played the natives...The game was hard fought, with the natives controlling the high-ground and it became a smash mouth type of fight, just the kind of game I like. I lost on points, but who the hell cared?

The second game? It was a sci-fi 15s game? Well, it was confusing. I played the UN, and misread my victory conditions, getting into a fight I could not win. Oh well, I left early and hit the flea market, where I got some nice deals.

My third game was a Mexican-American game of Regimental Fire and Fury, while there was some argument over the scenario and play balance (some Mexican siege artillery that didn't fire on the Americans historically took out the US artillery), I had fun, though I don't get how Regimental F and F is much different from Regular F and F?

As for the haul I made?

1 Rapid Fire based company of 20mm WWII US airborne
50-60 20mm Partisans and Volksturm
1 FoV SU-122 in winter scheme
1 kit of the Armourama Fireflies
3 Ospreys I didn't have
The Against The Odds issue with the Russo-Finnish Air game in it.
Some Winter Americans and Early Pacific US and Japanese from SGMM
And, for Gage, a box of the PSC Soviets.

Not too shabby.

3. The deadline (self-imposed really) is coming up for SF 15's second issue, so if you've got something, please send it in. I really only have two submissions, and one's mine! So, if you want to submit something, and it's vaguely useful to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer, by all means send it in! We've got a new layout guy who has done wonders with the new covers and layout, I just want to give him something to work with!

So, there is is for now folks, more later!

29 October 2010


Hey all,
I am going to Fall In tomorrow for Saturday and Sunday. If you plan on being there, or are already there, chime in. I'm gonna try to live blog, but that can be iffy. I've also inaguarated "Larry the Leadhead" here on the Blog, so we'll see how that goes. I think I am going to try to fill out some 20mm WWII and Modern needs this con, as the 15mm Sci-Fi pickings seem a bit thin, but that's ok. I also may load up on decals, paints and books, as I-94 will be there. Also, I am considering Check Your Six as there are rave reviews about the rules, 1/600 aircraft are dirt cheap and I kinda like the subject matter of the scenario packs. Gage, I promise I'll get you a pack of the PSC Russians.

So, I hope to see many of you, I'll be wearing a TMP ribbon as well with my screen name there; M1 Fanboy. So, I do hope I get the chance to put faces to names this trip.

26 October 2010


That's right, a new gamestore is opening in downtown DC. I am rather happy about this. A place for us closer in to play. It's in Eastern Market, so the neighborhood's decent, and I think the place is something for everyone.

Details to be found here:


I think this is a real opportunity for DC gamers as a whole! I plan to be there to scout the place out for their grand opening and I am holding an event there on December 18th as a way to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Please, if you're in the DC area and like 15mm Sci-Fi, Ambush Alley or just wanna game with like minded folks, come on down and join us!

19 October 2010

Call for articles for Sierra Foxtrot One Five and a small shoutout for another piece I worked on!

As you all know, our first issue was released back in September (almost October, but hey, who's counting!) and now that November's rolling about, it's time for a new issue! So, please send in your art and article submissions to:


I am hoping to get plenty of submissions and expand our size this time round!

I also have a small scenario in the latest issue of the SOTCW Journal, look for it on p42-43. It's set in the fateful early morning hours of June 6th, 1944..

11 October 2010

PC back up and running! Thank god, and I'm GOING TO FALL IN!!!

Hey guys,
First off, my home PC is fixed, sorta, we're functioning off of an old 200GB HD and my portable for now. That's not so bad, as I await my replacement drive from Seagate. Seems I was still under warranty. How in the heck that happened? I dunno. So, hopefully soon, I will have a brand spanking new HD and my computer troubles will be old news.
Second, I am going to Fall In through the graciousness of friends. I look forward to seeing faces old and new, and heck, seeing the Host for the first time in four years might actually be fun. I hear SGMM will be there, and that's going to allow me to fill a few things out, along with Eureka USA. Here's hoping they bring their 20mm WWII line...perhaps an email is in order?
Hadn't heard too much else I'd be too excited about, but I suspect some others will be there as well. And there's always the flea market!
Well, that's it for now.

07 October 2010

RL has peed in my cornflakes

At around 8AM this fine morning, the main HD on my PC, with just about all my files, decided to die, horribly. Now, most things I have backed up, but there are some items I don't. Trying to figure out which is gonna be fun....I should be back up by early next week, but no guarantees.

27 September 2010

22 September 2010

A lot to blog!

RL has been kicking me in the arse lately. I wanted to write something sooner, but my regimen of doctors visits relating to my seizure condition are a bit daunting, not to mention work has been a bit busy of late.

First, two weeks ago, I played in a not-Battlestar Galactica game with the new Iron Wind Metals miniatures starship line with my Alexandria group. They also are putting out a set of rules for the figure line, and the game was interesting, but the rules had some holes, such as the "missile spam" one sees in the rules, which is something reminiscent of Star Fleet Battles. I much prefer the way Full Thrust handles salvos. The other rules weren't bad at all, but took a bit of getting used to, and the missile salvos crossing the table looked very cinematic.

The Cylons got beat mainly because of our misreading of the Point Defense rules, where each salvo could be engaged anew as long as there was dice remaining, instead of one shot only at each incoming missile. But, the tactics are very reminiscent of planned Soviet tactics against US CVBG...now that we know that we were right, we can try our tactics again.

Also, and bigger news...Tomorrow's War IS OUT!!! I've been doing a lot of playtesting with the crew and to my fellow playtesters, WE DID GOOD! I am proud of you all. This is special for me because I am eagerly awaiting the full release next year; Why?

I'll let what I said on Facebook say it:

A while ago, I got involved in playtesting for these guys:


And well, things kinda snowballed. I submitted some minor pieces for the fluff background for Tomorrow's War, their new sci-fi rules release. Well, considering the fact that AAG just inked a deal with Osprey that means Osprey will be publishing their stuff..that means yours truly, provided I don't wind up on the cutting room floor (always a chance in the biz), will be featured in a minor role in a Osprey product in March 2011!

I am very happy about this to be sure!

Yeah, folks, I am psyched. Folks, I can't say enough about this game! Get your copy here

Jage and I gave FWC and an adaptation of Rapid Fire for Sci-fi a try. Rapid Fire, it's a neat simple set of rules, and with some guesstimates, it worked well. FWC, well, it fell down mainly because we needed to plan things a bit better.

Finally, Sierra Foxtrot 15 is coming along nicely, I think we should be ready, provided we can get the Crucible review done soon. We're not adverse to more articles, but art is our big need. If you can help, please contact us at jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom.

That's it for now all.

08 September 2010

It's almost here: TW PDF release version to be released very soon

When it is, I cannot say, but it will be very soon. It will be a somewhat stripped down version, but the "full featured" version will be out next year (September 2011) to be exact, but you can at least get your sci-fi on in the mean time!

27 August 2010

The latest

Things on the SF 15 front have been quiet, we just haven't gotten any article other than the one submission. If you're willing, please submit what you're writing to jason.weiser@gmail.com.

In other news, I had some health trouble recently, another seizure. I am alright, though it's more my back being hurt than anything else, as I wrenched the hell out of it. I'm on Dilantin for now and I *should* be alright as I have a neuro appointment next month.

In related news, I am looking to get rid of my copy of Left For Dead. I was playing it when I had aforementioned seizure. I just think, considering the circumstances, it's probably a good idea to get rid of it.

The ad on TMP for it is here:

I've gotten some more 20mm almost done, Soviet WWII Sailors this time, I'll have pictures up on the blog as soon as I can, they really were rather easy to paint, but I do confess that I think I finally have enough of the lads.

Finally, it looks as if Tomorrow's War is edging ever close to being released for sale. Even as a "pre-release" PDF version, I am enthusiastic about it to no end.

My Battletech strategic PBEM continues apace, me being promoted from Lyran player to co-Gm as the ref sure needed the help. It's more fun than I thought it would be.

That's it for now.

10 August 2010

Sierra Foxtrot One Five is BORN!

As submitted here:

Sierra Foxtrot One Five, a new fanzine for 15mm SF gamers, is looking for article submissions from you. Just about anything that could be of use to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer will be accepted.

- Articles should be good, but pithy. Anything over 2-3K in length is going to probably be made a 2-parter.

- Pictures should be in .jpeg or .gif format.

- If you want to do art for us, realize we're doing a "hard-sf" look for the mag, we're getting away from the Gothic SF look of GW.

What kinds of articles are we looking for? AARs, Scenarios, reviews of figures, resin vehicles, terrain or just about anything of interest to the 15mm SF gamer. (We're especially looking for stuff that could be useful but a 15mm gamer might overlook). Interviews with figure manufacturers and rules writers (down in front Jon, CW and the gang at Rebel and Khurasan!).

All article submissions should be in .doc, .txt or .rtf format. Please send all submissions to jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom

And thanks!

04 August 2010

It's a go!

As I posted on TMP:

Ok folks,
Jage 111 and I have begun work, I've already penned an article, a scenario to be honest, and it's generic enough you can use it with any system.

What do we need from you? If you want to write, we're looking to put the first issue out sometime next month, after that, it'll be every three months to start. So, we need articles! Anything 15mm sci fi or stuff that can be used with 15mm sci fi is welcome. Please send it to me at:


I'll get it to Jage, unless he's willing to give his email out here.

We'd especially love articles on world building and new backgrounds to game in, or how to adapt that favorite RPG or other game background to your beloved rules set.

We're also taking name submissions for the fanzine, names suggested thus far are:

"Miniature Droptrooper"

Obviously, we need a bit of help here. So, send your ideas about that too either via PM or email as mentioned earlier.

Thanks a bunch guys, and let's see if we can make this a success.

A link to the actual post is here:

TMP Post

02 August 2010

15mm Sci-Fi Fanzine?

With the recent explosion of 15mm as a sci-fi scale, I've been pretty happy to report that it seems that the new releases are just getting harder and harder to track. What is vexing however, is that there isn't as much of a "one stop shop" or more indepth articles for those of us who appreciate the 15mm and it's sci-fi Renaissance.

Jage, a friend and fellow TMPer, has proposed a fanzine to fill in the blanks that Dropship Horizon or other's can't because blog entries aren't always able to be longer affairs like a fanzine can. I think this is a solid idea and I am certainly in favor of the idea. I think a quarterly format, of four issues per year in PDF format might work best, and I think for the most part, it's what one can get in terms of articles for now.

But the fact is, we really don't want to "step on toes" of the great bloggers like LSS and Dropship, to name a few. So, what say you, fellow 15mm gamer? I'd like to hear your take on the idea.

01 August 2010

WW I this weekend

Well, gamed with the crew in Alexandria this weekend. And did we have fun! The game was set during the last German offensive in 1918. I played Germans mainly b/c of all the toys we got, tanks, flammenwerfer, mortars, Stosstruppen. Yeah, it was just too tempting.

I ended up commanding what soon became described as the pinning force while the other guys on my side moved up the left. Well, I got hammered. My tank was riddled with HMG fire and everybody died...but not before I got a breach in the wire. So, I pushed everybody through...only to watch only two of them make it to the British trench line in the end, and die in the melee.

On my left, the attack went alright, the British bunkers were suppressed, and the tanks kept stalling out (mine was the only one that was consistently moving...as it turned out). They got into the British trench line, and the A7V trundled through the British trench line(happily, our artillery had waxed the British Heavy Mortar that had been covering the sector with a lucky round). But, alas, the tank and one German survivor cowering in a captured bunker was all that was left of approximately a company's worth of Germans. Yep, typical WWI. I had a good time though. The mayhem was picturesque and the rules (Trench Wars), were simple buckets o' dice rules, which I happen to like.

I wanna thank Steve, Dave, Jason and Wyatt for a fun and engaging game. Here's to next month. The terrain and company is simply awesome.

And now, here's some pictures:


The bunker on the left that the Germans managed to take.


My forlorn Mk IV after being riddled with HMG fire.


A panoramic view of the field.

A closeup of my MK IV


The A7V that made it through the British trench line


Here I am about to make the fateful breach


Here's some of the British defenders.

26 July 2010

Two Game AARs and a lot of pictures!

Gane 1: A FFT AAR, Germany, 1987.

The game was a Czech and a Soviet Tank Regiment against a US Army Armored Cav Squadron. The game didn't last too long, even with Hinds in support (they were remarkably ineffective, one being shot down and the other doing little more than killing a Brad with an AT-6 shot).

The Soviets and Czechs advanced on a broad front on either side of the road running the length of the table (we played on a 4 x 4 ft space, it was the only table Jage and I could get at E and E that day). The Soviets did well initially, losing a battalion in exchange for killing most of a US Cav troop. A early T-80 does have a shot of killing an M1 front on. Not a great chance, but better than nothing.

The Czechs on the other hand? They basically melted away. Their T-72s were little more than target practice for the US M1s. Most of the Czech platoons ran away from failed QCs rather than dying outright, by the time the regiment tested, there was barely a battalion's worth of T-72s left.

The Russians kept on, and tried to flank the US position in the center, but lateral movement by the Americans on my flanks pretty much put paid to the Soviet advance. The game was over in three turns.

Here are some pics. Yes, Virginia, the Soviets need artillery. They really shouldn't leave home without it.


A really bad pic of the hapless Czechs!


A pregame pic of the Soviets


The Hind after it ate a Stinger (Hey, it's semi-historical!)

Game two was an FoF game set loosely in East Prussia in late 1944/early 1945. I let Jage use his newly painted Handschar (I said they were a late personnel draft that never got to the division). They were part of a weak platoon rearguard along with two understrength squads of regulars, and a small anti-tank team from the Volkssturm.

They faced a Soviet force of 7 T-34s (Mix of 76 and 85, I know it's not historical but I couldn't get all my 85's done in time!) Also, they were backed up by a platoon of Tank Riders, and some scouts in a Scout Car and on horse (I never used the latter, they'd have been cut down, as you'll see later).

I was playing the Soviets against my Stepfather Lou, and Jage again. Needless to say, I made a crucial mistake early, I played the Soviets cautious. To be fair, I was running the game more than I was playing tactical, but they beat me good. But let's describe the game. I moved up a T-34/76 on my left, and lost it to Panzerfaust fire from the Volkssturm, who promptly got the heck out of there. I didn't blame them with what was to come.

I brought in another T-34 and more Panzerfaust fire killed the crew. Two T-34s down and I tried a new tack, bringing in the scout car on the right, using some elevation to gain some cover. I forced the Handachar back with some machine gun fire and brought in the rest of the T-34s.

Here's where I made my mistake. Instead of rolling the T-34s right up on the woods and debussing next turn, accepting the risk, I debarked as soon as I got the vehicles into the woodline, and advanced the infantry over a bit of open space. I decreed all the Soviets had SMGs...and they paid for it...with the Germans cutting them down at ranges the Soviets couldn't do a thing about. Morale rolls began to tell, and soon the attack bogged down.

By this point, I'd gotten a few "1s" on my reaction rolls, and one FoW card I pulled was a very lucky "Fire, Fire" card. I used to promptly set the stone ruins on fire in the center. I began to get hope again and tried to get the infantry moving again, but the Handchar returned, and they cut down the remaining Soviets. To make matters worse? The Germans panzerfausted ANOTHER T-34. They only needed to kill one more and I was toast. Needless to say, this is when their reinforcements, a Mk IV and a JgPz IV showed up...and roasted another T-34. Game over. It was hard fought, and though the Germans took light casualties, they didn't get off scott free.

We had a lot of fun, and my stepfather had some good ideas for my storage sitrep and seemed to be interested in the hobby.

Anyhow, that's it for now. Here are some pics, Jage took some more, and those can be seen here


The Soviet high water mark


A shot of the Soviets before the game


The German VS anti-tank team.

22 July 2010

T-34s, more books and some figures!

Well, my Syr Hobbes order came last week, lots of US and Brit SF, and some Russian half figures for my vehicles..this will be fun! And I split a second hand consignment of Battlefield 20mm with Jage. He got the Russians, the Handachar and Jungwitz Cossacks and half the FJ. I took the other half of the FJ, the misc packs (lots of half figures for tanks there!) and the winter SS for Bulge stuff.

I sprayed up using the FoW Soviet Tank Color (it's done by Army Painter and doubles as a primer coat, what can I say, it's expensive, but not bad as a time saver) some T-34/85s that had been sitting forlornly from when I purchased them as a set from somebody on TMP.

I did miss some spots, you always do when you spray in my experience. So, I asked about on TMP, the Guild and the AAG forums, and Piers was nice enough to tell me to try the Vallejo Russian Green, but also that the shades on it tend to differ a bit. No worries, the Soviet Army's paint stocks always had a bit of "play" in them, and once they're properly detailed and weathered, and then chipped? You won't notice a damned thing!

I also have some pics of another modern micro-armor game we ran. Americans v. Soviets. Soviets lost again, but they did pretty much bag most of a US Armored Cav troop for the loss of a battalion of T-80s. Yeah, the Soviets would consider that a fair exchange. The Czech Tank battalion with T-72s, well, they simply died like dogs, with the survivors (most of the regiment, surprisingly!) ran for the hills.

I like FFT, it's damned fast and well thought out, I really wish Ty would get 3 out before I am old enough to collect SSI! I am looking forward to the game I've got planned on Saturday, now I've just got to plan the actual scenario...It will be a bit bigger than stuff we've run before, but I think all will appreciate it!

As for book reading, finally finished Generation Kill, I liked it but it was a bit long on "We killed a lot of civilians", and short on "what the battalion was actually doing". Not saying it isn't a good bit of work, but I liked Not a Good Day to Die better. Also finished Tonight We Die as Men. Fine bit of work there. Ian Gardner did himself proud with the book, and the bit of research he did on the Douve river bridges on D-Day has corrected a long-standing error. I like that Mark Bando was involved in the book. He's also done a lot with the 101st and really showing the division was more than one company (again, no offense intended to the members of E/2/506th).

I also gave Jage my extra 2300 stuff and my older HS books. Hope he finds them useful. I sure did!

Well, that's all for now, pictures soon!

13 July 2010

A birthday, a lot of lead and some new books

It's been a busy, though not very productive time since the last blog post. Haven't gotten much in the way of painting done, but I did get a test scheme of one of the Caliph's troopers for Djazlah done. I may highlight some of it a bit...but other than that, I am pretty happy with it and am going to use my new portable photo studio to snap some shots of it. Who says Ebay hasn't got anything useful anymore?

Also, I am very happy with the recent acquisitions I've made, a large Libmins order (probably the last one for a while), and a Battlefield miniatures lot I got second hand I'm splitting with Jage. Battlefield has some unique subjects, and I'm looking forward to my half of the figures. Hell, even the negotiations will be a blast.

Jage also told me he got the first of the 6mm he's painting for me at cost done. I am eager to see and photograph them. Future War Commander may happen sooner than we think?

My main addiction these days is Silent Hunter 4. Yes, that's right, I am happily sinking lots of the Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine. I'm running a campaign with an old S boat and I've already sunk:

At least a half dozen freighters (including one I had to shoot with a third torpedo, two didn't even slow him down...the third broke him in half!)
2 Tankers
God only knows how many Sampans and Fishing Boats
And the feather in my cap? 1 Takao Class Heavy Cruiser (ironic since three of the four in this class were sunk by US Submarines historically, I just did one in two years earlier)

The game's got some small frustrating factors, like a propensity to crash at times, (Save often) but it's pretty good, and there's nothing tenser than sneaking past the escorts at 3-4kts trying for that one good shot on a convoy.

Also received for my turning 36...yeah, I'm that old...was some books from Amazon. Not all have arrived, but I am working my way through Achtung Schweinhund!, and honestly, I really don't know why in the hell I didn't read this sooner. It's hysterically funny and poignant at the same time, though my collapse into near hysterics on the Metro probably scared some of my fellow commuters. My seeming lack of decorum was in response to the one scene where the young author tries to "bayonet" his grandfather in the groin. It's just priceless. His description of Airfix charades and the "Reich/Spice Girls" comment is comedy gold for wargamers. Not to mention his description of teenage model builders and their exposure to various solvents and other chemicals makes you wonder if we're all a bit addicted to what's IN the glue?

I've got the more serious work Tonight We Die as Men which reminds us, there was more than one company and one battalion in the 101st, no offense to Dick Winters and the rest of Easy Company. I am expecting a quality product from Osprey and I don't think they'll disappoint.

Well, that's all for now.

27 June 2010

As promised and delivered!

25ly Spinward of Friesland
October, TW 339

Senior Lieutenant Chang was weary. Another day facing the rebel siege of Firebase Autumn Wind. It had been ten long hellish days for the defenders, holding off hordes of Association guerrillas, they'd been outgunned from the start, a short company of kids just out of depot training managing somehow to hold off a guerrilla regiment backed up by combat engineers and ancestor knew how many mortars.

To make matters worse, all manner of consumables were running low. Division had promised that the new mercenaries were coming to help. But Chang didn't believe such things anymore. He'd already made his peace two days ago, having written letters home, assuming the guerrillas didn't destroy them. His father's disapproving countenance danced in his mind's eye. A noble son of the House of Jade, dying in some dirt poor outpost at the hands of the lesser scum that made up the Association? The shame of the family would be too great.

He heard a low, throaty cough reverberate through the hills surrounding the firebase, Mortars, his mind reported. The firebase's last Calliope had run out of ammunition holding off the last human wave assault on the eastern end of the perimeter. Chang had tried to bluff it out, but the Rebels hadn't fallen for it. They shelled the firebase seemingly at will now. Chang shrugged as the sound continued to travel. What was the point of taking cover? They were all dead anyhow.

It was with a measure of surprise that a cyan bolt snatched several of the shells out of the sky like the hands of an angry god. More blinding bolts began to land amongst the rebel positions to the hills...the fire coming from the western pass. But how? The mercenaries had only been hired some eighteen hours before according to press reports...when Chang could receive them.

Chang turned his viewfinder to the west and focused them on the grey specks throwing up roostertails of dust and gravel feet into the air..spitting out cyan fingers of death with staccato timing. Each burst triggered the anti-blinding measures on his autonoculars.

His headset crackled to life...it was clear, clear as a bell without any of the squealing and popping from Association jamming. "Blossom Six, this is Golf One-Six, sorry we're a touch late, but we're here. The Colonel sends his regards, now, sit back and watch how we Slammers fight. You might learn something. One-Six out!" Chang shook his head in disgust...he hoped they were as competent as they were arrogant.











Blogging the day away!

Small announcement this time. We're going to shoot for the next Victory Comics game to be on the 24th of July. I am thinking probably more of a historicals game this time. I want to recruit some folks as well and I think TW's far enough along in playtesting that we can take a short break from it!

Comments, ideas and questions care of the site!

26 June 2010


The first was a Renaissance Pike and Shot game with the French (nominally, they had troops from half of Europe) and the Spanish (who had troops from the other half!) hacked each other to a thin marginal victory for the French. Both sides were exhausted by the end, and one thing I found I liked with Pig Wars rules? Units die quick..it takes good planning and luck not so much to keep units from folding, but to make sure his units fold faster than yours. I also found out, Spanish Sword and Bucklers don't like two handed swords and halberds AT ALL! (Both of my units on the flank were hacked to pieces!) They exacted a price, mauling both French units, and I brought up my pikes to make the Halberds go away...but by the end...there weren't many Spanish units that weren't hacked up...then again, the French were in much the same boat.

Here are some pics of the setup (My phone died soon after!)




Today's game was another playtest of Tomorrow's War. It was another close run thing that came down to the FoW Cards, and some lucky pulls for the defender. This led to a lot of artillery showing up for him and stopping the attacker cold. Heavy Mortars are murder on armor. 120mm shells versus deck armor....OUCH!

The scenario will probably be published in the final rules, and we got some very good playtest data today. I can't say too much more, give away the game...no sir!

Here are some pics of that. This first set it taken by Krieger of Kriger's Wargaming Records, he runs a good blog, and well, the Droid's got a good camera on that phone! They're used here with permission!











The next set is mine and isn't as nice...hey, my camera isn't as good!





As you can see, artillery can be decisive in the new rules. I am looking forward, however, to their release. I think honestly, you're all in for a Science Fiction gaming experience that isn't just "20th Century with ray-guns!". It has technology seamlessly integrated into the mechanics, and anyone familiar with AA/FoF should be able to pick this up fast. We did 4 turns in 3.5 hours. Not many games that can manage that these days.

That's it for now folks! See you across the table!

25 June 2010

The Death of Paddy Griffith, and the end of legends.

I found out this morning, from TMP, like many, that Wargaming fixture, luminary and published author Dr. Paddy Griffith had died. I didn't know Paddy, except through his work on the ACW and WWI which I read as part of my ROTC courses (My Asst. Professor of Military Science was a big military history nerd, like me). I didn't agree with everything Paddy wrote. Got an "A" for my paper on how I thought he was wrong, but I appreciated the tone and the thoroughness of his work just the same. He made me think. I like to think I am half the amateur historian today because of the fact he did.

It's sad to see the luminaries who made this hobby what it is today leave us. The only three I've ever met were Don Featherstone, Wally Simon, and Larry Bond (Think I drove Larry nuts, but I was 12 and in the presence of someone I admired, a lot). Paddy was one of those men. Like Charles S. Roberts, Jack Scruby, Charles Grant, and Wally Simon (another legend I knew well, I took it hard when he left us). I know death comes for us all in it's time, but with men such as these, it's difficult to say anything other than "too soon, too damn soon".

RIP Paddy, save us a chair at the bar at the never-ending convention in the sky.

24 June 2010

My upcoming weekend!

I am going to be busier than well, a lot of folks this weekend. I have the following on my plate:

1. A 28mm Renaissance Pike and Shot game with the folks from NoVA Gamer's Pavilion. This was a last minute thing I will be attending and it's by the same folks from last month's Irish Rebellion game, which was a hoot, so I am expecting more of the same here.

2. The 5th Meeting of DC Gamers at Victory Comics. I know we've got two attendees for sure excluding myself. This will probably be the last playtest of TW we do for a bit, assuming things go as well as they have thus far. I think the game's well on target for the release that Shawn intends to make, even with his recent move.

3. I want to get some work done on finishing up my Slammers before Saturday. They are basically being flocked and sprayed as we speak. Might be pics up of the lot by tomorrow. I think they came out better than I had reason to hope IMO.

4. I'm starting to get things together for 6mm moderns in Iran. Now if somebody could show me a place on what Iranian vehicles looked like, was it just a desert tan paintjob with a roundel? If so, makes my job easier, don't it?

5. Awaiting the release of FFT 3. Ty please get this out soon! My copy of 2 is looking like it went 15 rounds with Apollo Creed. Even if it's a PDF only release, something's better than nothing!

That's all for now fellow readers!

23 June 2010

New Hammers Slammers Book review.

The Crucible arrived. And from first glance, it was gorgeous. Nice full color photos, glossy pages, hard cover sewn in binding...my only complaint is that some of my pages near the spine stuck together and there was some tearing getting them apart, but no real damage.

So, as for bang for your buck? It depends. If you're:

a) a rabid Hammer's Slammers Fan
b) need dozens of painting ideas.
c) liked the rules from the first two books
d) would like everything in one place.

Then it's worth it if three or more reasons applied. As a art book with rules, I think it admirably serves it's purpose. I was happy to see some mention of 15mm, even if the book is mainly geared to 25mm...and I really am hoping we get 15mm Molts before too long (Down in front GZG!!). But it's a decent product for the price if your interests lie that way. All of the vehicles one sees in 25mm are available for the most part in 15mm, with the exception of a few vehicles, and figures can be substituted when required. All in all I was pretty impressed.

Other than the minor quibbles I mentioned, and the fact I wish they had put the play cards separate. (PDF's better than nothing however), I was pretty happily surprised with the level of production and the new items in the book (Most of it being an amalgam of previous WI articles and stuff from the two old books), which in of itself, is very welcome. Is it pricy, yes. But for the production value, it's better than some of the stuff I see coming out of RPG companies of late.

All in all, I give it 3.5 out of four stars, solid product and worth the money.

14 June 2010

Other wargaming ramblings from the weekend.

Well, I sent along some of my 6mm Sci-fi to Jage. He wanted stuff to paint, and it's sitting around waiting to be painted. I figure I give him a slow drip of stuff. Keeps him busy and us playing (and easier on the wallet). My limited amount of GZG stuff is next, then it's going to be the Stan Johansen and mix of old GHQ. Then, the rest of the Ogre and Classic Battletech stuff. Once all that's done? We organize it into some units. Probably will supplement it with my moderns and 'Mechs so we can get some games of FWC in.

The Slammers are all painted, I need to get them flocked, 4 figures are already done, and I figure at the rate of four a night...I can have the lot done in 8 days or so. I'll probably do it sooner I suspect. As for what's next? I think getting started on my Caliph's army for Djazlah, which are going to double as French Militia for Aurore. After that, probably the Terminator Humans, then the Colonial Marines. I kinda need the militia done soon as it would be useful for the TW playtest that's coming on the 26th. Shame Jage won't be there, but I hope others will make it. Heck, I even got some work done on Blood Upon the Risers.

I am going to pick up The Crucible book that's come out for the Slammers. It looks like a fine work from the PDF previews I've seen and paradoxically, it's cheaper to get from the publisher than from OMM? Um, huh? I want to get some more done on the 15mm side before I go and work on any of my other stuff, mostly getting my 6mm moderns closer to done and get my Germans out there and played with! I also want to look at what I'm going to need to do US Light and Medium weight forces for FFT (Think USMC, 82nd and 101st, and the sadly lamented 9th Light Division). I already have a regimental sized formation for my Soviet Paras, wouldn't take much to build that into a full division, and frankly, I may at some point do it. As for the Iranians? Probably a brigade is all I intend to build, with another brigade of Pasdaran. (Three-four bags from Hallmark should do the trick).

All in all, I think things are going swimmingly. I've made a real dent in the painting pile, and by end of summer, Djazlah might be well on it's way. I am rather happy about that, and there might be some 15mm vehicles from Old Crow I want to grab, along with some more IF types. I think that might wait a bit, but hey, I've got some time.

13 June 2010

Micro Armor Game this weekend

Hey all,
I didn't expect to get a game in this weekend, but Jage and I ran a FFT micro armor game at Eagle and Empire. It was again, Brits and Soviets. Jage played the Brits and I played the Soviets. The Brits had a slightly understrength brigade group (1 understrength squadron of Chieftains, another of Challys and a Warrior Company, backed up by a small recon squadron of Scimitars, 3 batteries of 155 and a pair of Javelin Stands). The Soviets were two regiments, one BMP-1 and 1 Tank Regiment of T-80 (the tank regiment didn't have their RAG, but I put some off-table 180mm at the disposal of the Soviets, along with a pair of Hinds and a couple of MiG-27 airstrikes). Victory conditions were to get a regiment off the table.

The game started slow, with me dropping smoke and the AT battery of the MRR scaring off a Chieftain along the open flank (most of the river was unfordable), Jage quickly took out both launchers but the smoke landed and helped screen my movements a bit (they've got thermals, so there was a limit to that), but the T-64 battalion soon died in exchanges with the Brits in the woods, with little to show for it. The Chieftains were really taking their toll, and the Challys were backing them up as well. I was holding my Tank Regiment back as the town right in front of the bridge had the other Chally squadron and the other Chieftain unit there, with the Warrior company in the woods overwatching the bridge, and an FO also in attendance. All in all, straight in wasn't the way to go, I brought the Hinds in, and though there was some Blowpipe fire, it was rather desultory, and as such, I lucked out and got them into position with the BMP Regiment trying to turn the flank...needless to say, other than firing their rockets and missiles, they did little more than scare off a single Chally. My artillery even got wacked Turn 2 as I rolled horribly for counter battery, with the MRR RAG losing four of it's six batteries and the other two fleeing. The 180mm lost two batteries as well.

I then figured, the direct approach was best as I had laid smoke to cover the bridge, knowing I wanted to set up for the one-two punch. Well, it soon became my only option, as the BMP regiment had lost a third of it's numbers, and the Tank battalion was dead. I tried calling in air..nada, so a battalion of T-80s, already depleted from 155mm fire, charged across the bridge, pushing a wrecked BRM out of the way, another battalion turned off the road to cover the flank, the British having shot their bolt this turn. Lo and behold, I got some flank shots on those hated Challys, and fireballed two of them, the last one fleeing. The Hinds finally scored as well, forcing both surviving Chieftains off as well. At that point, British 155mm fire landed on the road junction short of the bridge, and forced two T-80 battalions to test, those two ran for it. My remaining battalions wouldn't have been enough to decide the issue in the town beyond, but my BMPs would have taken the flank woods, and Jage was moving a Chieftain company to reinforce the woods position. We agreed it was probably a British Marginal Victory. The Brits stopped the Russian advance, but at a pretty high cost, over half their armor either failed QCs or was outright left burning. I taught Jage, the real arm of decision for the Soviets in FFT is artillery. Your tanks aren't good enough to beat NATO one-on-one, and BMP/BTR are bullet magnets. Artillery forces NATO off your objectives, smoke buys you that extra -1 against thermal and no Soviet Commander should leave home without it. All in all, much better than last time.

Here some pictures! (All taken by Jage and used with his permission)