17 July 2011

Gave it a chance, didn't like it. And, I'm coming back from the hiatus

I gave 6sided.net a chance. Well, I can't say I liked getting my blog literally slammed by spam. I had to moderate a comment every other day from a spammer. So, we're moving back here. It did look clean and pretty though.

As for other matters, well, 2011 has been a tough year. Personal issues, work issues, money issues, I'm ready for 2012 and the year's barely half over. Missed H-Con but I heard about the rumors of moving to Frederickburg. Good choice IMHO. Honestly, the NE just is getting to expensive for the bigger cons. I know the folks there liked the closer drive PA afforded, but hotel rooms at the Host were starting to nudge up there for several years running.

To all the readers I didn't know I had, thanks for sticking with me. I promise I'll try to post more often. I tend to post as the whim strikes me, or that I actually have something to say.

But here's the status report on what's going on wargaming-wise:

Blood Upon the Risers: On hiatus, I have a paying gig with Ambush Alley Games that I can't get too much into, suffice to say, I think people will like it. So, Blood Upon The Risers will be on hiatus till then.

Unnamed Ambush Alley Project: Handed in the rough draft last month. I am seeking to get some playtests done soon. The early reports are positive, but first reports always are.

Pointman I am an Ambush Alley Pointman, though admittedly, I haven't really run anything, time and chaos being what it has been this year. I intend to change that very soon. Both Labryinth and Eagle and Empire will be seeing me run stuff...soon as I can figure out what...Probably some sci-fi with the Tomorrow's War light edition to drum up buzz for the main release coming out in October.

Fistful of Tows 3 Yet another new passion of mine. I am statting out the T2K vehicles for it. And, found a small rules flaw. As written, it makes M1s impervious to shots from all around, where we know if you get a rear shot on ANY tank, it should kill it. I know, this is a platoon of tanks it's representing, but there should be some benefit to getting into someone's rear. We're trying a house rule where you don't get your h-class protection if the shot is in the flank or rear, but on second thought, that seems a bit draconian? Perhaps you dice off instead? 1-4 you get the protection, 5-6 you don't?

Other than that, I have got a ton of personal stuff going on, not all bad, but it does mean I haven't gotten any painting or model making done.. (bummer).

Heck, perhaps some blogging will re-fire the old creative juices on that vein?

Osprey Force on Force Review

The new Osprey Force on Force can be described in two words “eye candy”. I am very, very happy with the standard of production. In the new book you’ll find a hard cover, sewn bindings, high-grade paper, and just plain easy to read print. I am also happy this was printed at a cost that is cheaper than the old dead-tree FoF book. Not only that? It puts BOTH rules in one easy to read place. Well done AAG and Osprey to this particular development.

I was also happy the programmed instruction ala Squad Leader was adopted. FoF isn’t a tough set of rules to learn, but as somebody who still occasionally flubs the action/reaction rules; it’s nice to see there’s a way to EASE into the rules. This was a very good idea in general and kudos all around. They also cleaned up a lot of older rules, and just put everything under one roof, which I will say, is darn nice to have.

The eye candy I mentioned are wonderfully photographed miniatures, color plates from selected Ospreys and all done well in a nice graphical package that doesn’t detract from the package, but instead, complement it. Again, very well done here I think. There’s also an introductory guide and a guide for tactics rounds out the package nicely, making it more than simply a set of dry recitations of rules.

Some have decried the cards being published in the back of the book, or the death of the asset cards, but AAG IS publishing them as a PDF add-on. So, one can use a computer printer and some cards to rectify this issue, heck I used homemade cards with my older copy of FoF for a long time, and didn’t seem to suffer. There’s also a new QRS coming out for it as well. So, all in all, good show here.

As I mentioned before? Support on the internet is top notch, and you can go to the forums, once they’re up, and watch Piers Brand outpaint just about everybody….;-) There’s also all kinds of support, and the AAG folks, be they Shawn, Peggy or Robby, are more than available to answer questions large and small. And in that vein, with Ambush Valley, Enduring Freedom, Road to Baghdad, Tomorrow’s War and Cold War Hot, the support projected to appear is simply…staggering. People who stand by their product are rare in general, so I appreciate this.

What I wasn’t nuts about? I missed the flow chart of Action/Reaction as was in the old rules. I know it was a bit flawed, but the concept was a good idea, and for a game like FoF, it was something that the game could use. I also miss WWII, but that’s more a personal pet-peeve. Anyone with half a brain can adapt the rules till the WWII supplements hit the market.

So all in all? I give it 4.5 out of five, with the detractions being the above. I would heartily recommend this rules set. It does its job well, and puts you in the role of a platoon leader. It’s simple, yet gets you down in the weeds effectively. The minor dings here are minor, and are barely worth half a star, but these days, everybody suspects you of something if you give a perfect review.

Buy these rules, you won’t regret it.

New AAG Website

The forums aren’t back up yet (darn!) but the new site is just gorgeous!


I can only say that the future for AAG looks very bright indeed. I will be doing a review on the new FoF book (got mine last week), and I intend to be hard, but fair. But I will say I like what I see thus far.

Here’s to new and cool things at AAG. With that comment? I can say with confidence that Blood Upon the Risers will be out soon. I am rather invigorated by the new FoF and I am seeking to finish it, along with bringing it inline with the newer version of the rules. I hope you all will like it, and it’ll give all you Cold War nuts something to game before November?

That’s it for now. See you all soon!

After a long slumber

It’s been a long slumber here at PF 150′s blog. I am currently kinda in a holding pattern game wise. Mainly, this is due to needing to find the wife a job. It’s been a real pain. Moreso then when I was out of work. Guess I am one of the lucky ones. So, not much time for gaming anything, though I did get in a delightful game of Fistful of Tows 3 at Eagle and Empire. Good fun was had by Dave Luff and I, though I think we may have to plan the logistics a lot better. It was your typical US/Soviet Sunday Drive to the Rhine game set in 1987. Not too much to tell, and silly me forgot to get photos, but the game played as well as I remembered FFT 2 played.

I liked the fact the Soviet tanks were tougher and T-80s are now a very scary thing, especially to US Dragon armed infantry. TOW armed Brads have a lot of trouble with them too, but not as much. M1s…well, M1s are still playing “pull” with just about any Soviet tank out there.

We didn’t finish, but it looked as if the US was going to win (played by your humble blogger) as I’d only lost a pair of Brad Stands to watching the heart ripped out of at least a regiment’s worth of Soviet tanks. He still had at least two fresh battalions and some motor rifle troops, but I didn’t think it was enough support to get a win of exploiting off the table.

As for other news. Well, it’s almost here. Amazon has informed me that Force On Force is on it’s way to my humble home. I don’t have the wargaming dollars I used to, so this is a BIG deal for me. Early reports from the UK state this is a match of Osprey eye candy, good print quality and a darn good editorial standard. All of this is good for AAG, as I think this will be a very fruitful partnership for both sides. I am looking forward to this and their new Cold War Hot supplement….and some more has been released on the contents:

1) Cold War Fears…this is a collection of essays, scenarios and stats for what we thought was going to happen. E.g., Fulda Gap, Soviet breakthroughs, etc. The main thrust of these scenarios is getting back into the mindset that existed during the 1980s when NATO and the US were trying to figure out a way to survive the Soviet/Pact superiority in numbers.

2) Cold War Realities…this section will focus on what we know today about the 1980s. The declassification of documents on both sides shows that the Soviet Union was a lot tougher on paper than in reality. Think, The Bear Went Over the Mountain applied to all the likely theaters of conflict. Would the Soviets have been able to achieve a breakthrough? How would the Warsaw Pact forces handle a major slugfest with NATO?

3) Cold War Hollywood. We all have our favorite movies and books…we’re taking it one step further and writing scenarios in that vein. If you’re a fan of fictional encounters like Ice Station Zebra and Red Storm Rising, you won’t be disappointed.

All I can say is I can’t wait for November. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

25/28mm Chicago Mayhem Game

The Chicago Mayhem game I'd been planning with Jason for weeks finally came off, and it worked better than I thought it would. Everybody had a really good time, and Steve Robinson, our host, was really getting into the spirit of things playing the downtrodden strikers. He really made them come to life against Jason's National Guard.

Rules used were Iron Ivan's Where Heroes Dare, modified a bit for the game and they worked, though the close combat rules were still a bit clunky. I also may have overestimated the size of Steve's figure collection, as French Poilu were standing in for some of the cops. Oh well, I guess I get him some as a gift when we go to Historicon next?

The game was one where everyone played differing factions with various tasks to perform, the Italians, for example, had to steal some loaded beer trucks from the Irish mob. Meanwhile, the cops had to seize the very same beer trucks as "evidence". The Feds, independently (the cops are on the take from the Irish Mob) have to take the trucks under the Volstead act. Meanwhile, the Mob's stirred up the workers of the brewery (disguised as a bakery) into striking to cover the departure of the beer, so the National Guard's been called in to break up the strike. They're looking to goad the National Guard into doing something stupid (like firing into the crowd) so as to get it documented by the media and gain sympathy for unionizing.

Now, to the game.

The Italians used the cover of the National Guard and Strikers beating the nine bells out of each other (with the strikers giving as good as they got), to try to sneak into the brewery and grab a few trucks. The Feds on the other hand made a beeline right for the brewery, and got shot to pieces for their trouble. I got shot at by the Irish mob a little bit, and the Cops a lot, but I did kill two cops for my trouble, but there were simply too many cops and Irish between me and the beer.

As for the Strikers and the National Guard? The Strikers finally goaded the National Guard into firing, and they did, killing three strikers and finally breaking the strike, but the reporter got some good pictures for the morning edition. I can see the headline now:


Fun was had by all and the game got to be raucous fun, with Steve, our host who played the Strikers having the most fun blaming everything on "management". Honorable mention goes to Dave Luff who was the police and he was referring to the strikers as "Reds, Scum, Wisconsin Teachers!"

And now, the pictures!

25 March 2011

We're moving!

All new posts to this blog will be here:


So update your links!

I rather like the new format, easier to manage and a whole LOT less cluttered. Wordpress is more powerful than I thought and less of a pain to add pictures to.

09 March 2011

Some more Twilight 2000 Themed buildings I worked up

It's been a nutty couple of months for me, and I almost didn't make deadline for the 2011 Guild Project Build

As it was, a lot of my more grandiose plans went by the wayside, but I did manage to knock these out in a weekend's worth of work (day's more like it). You can do a lot of good work in a day if you have a plan and know what you're doing. And happily, I had both.

So here they are:

The first is an European themed building decorated with shrunken versions of real images of Soviet and Warpac propaganda and civil defense posters I found online.

The second is a building in the US occupied by the fascist group, New America and well, the locals have let their displeasure be known about the new occupiers....

07 March 2011

SF 15 Magazine Status

SF 15, the magazine of 15mm Sci-Fi gaming is taking calls for their third issue. It's been a tough time for me personally, and I admit, I didn't make the early March deadline. But, I am taking articles for the third issue for a revised publication time of late March-early April.

We're looking for any art that could be of use for the magazine and any articles of use to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer.

In that spirit..here's what I am looking for, it's of course, not limited to these items, but we'd love having some of this.

- A review of Tomorrow's War.
- Figure range reviews
- Scenarios (Can't go wrong there)
- Painting or modelling articles.

As for artwork? Well, whatever you can provide that's sci-fi themed. Of course, if it's somebody's figure line in "action", please get permission? I don't much fancy getting sued. As for anything else? Feel free to email me at JASONdotWEISERATgmailDOTcom for any questions or concerns.

08 February 2011

2nd Night Stalkers Battletech Mech Company for sale

Clearing out some of the extra CBT stuff I don't play with as much any more.

2nd Nightstalkers Company

Here's some better photos:

21 January 2011

Kinda a dark day for hobby related news....

Well, I haven't been by in a while. Mainly due to some personal matters I'm not going to talk about except to say that's it's an illness in the family.

As for illness, I was cruising the Guild this morning and read a thread from
Jenny Howitt, daughter of Dave Howitt of Britannia Miniatures. I'll let Jenny's words break the news:
My name is Jenny Howitt, Dave Howitt's of Britannia Miniatures daughter, I've just registered to convey some unfortunate news. I'm afraid to say my Dad had a massive heart attack on Monday and is very ill in hospital.

As a result of this Britannia will cease trading for a few weeks. If anyboy has ordered I can assure you that all orders will be filled in due course.

Dad is very positive and in good spirits, thanks in advance for yur understanding.

This is some sad news, and I think we should all include Dave in our prayers, as well as see what as a community we can do to be helpful to the Howitt family.

UPDATE: The damage to Dave Howitt's heart was sadly, too much and he passed away this Saturday. Please include the Howitt family in your prayers today.

In other, more unpleasant news, though I don't do Battletech as much as I used to, I still cruise by the forums and I am involved in helping to run a strategic PBEM game. Therefore, I wasn't too happy to read this on the website link to the forums:

Due to a security breach the forums are being taken down indefinitely while the damage to the system is accessed. Because of the nature of this breach it is unlikely we will be restoring a backup of user accounts as it is impossible to know who's passwords and accounts have been compromised.

We are currently accessing our options and will get the forums back up in one form or another as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Jason M. Knight classicbattletech.com System Administrator

In other news, I am giving the Nook quite the workout as I master it's intricacies with PDFs..I can tell you smaller print is better. As you zoom in, it tends not to like larger print. I am right now engrossed in the Anthony Beevor work about Stalingrad, and it's giving me gaming ideas, not just for WWII.

I also have some writing projects in the fire, nothing major, and nothing I can discuss, but as soon as I can, I shall. Let's hope for better times for all concerned.

In closing, I am also out there, soliciting for SF 15's 3rd issue. Don't be shy, submit!

05 January 2011

It's that time again, time again for SF 15's call for articles!

That's right, it's that time again. We need more contributions for SF 15 for publication in late Feb, early March. We're looking for anything of interest and import to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer, be it interviews, product reviews, painting articles, scenarios, you name it, we'll find a use for it! We're especially looking for ART! So if you can draw and you're interested, send it along!

Please send any contributions to jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom