31 March 2010

The Combat Cars are done!

Here they are! Next is the Infantry!












25 March 2010

The Mat arrived! And other ideas.

Well, my mat from Hotz Artworks arrived. I was suitably impressed, though the wife referred to it as a "piece of felt". The mat was solid, no bald patches or discolorations and it glided! Figures are going to move like butter on that thing...eventually, I will get a desert mat for Djazlah. Sometimes, I wish she was a bit more understanding of the hobby, but I understand her POV...we're a bit cramped. And yeah, I might be culling the collection again at some point, when that is? Dunno. In any event, right now, I am happily assimilating some DLD Productions Komodos I managed to acquire. It's a shame the guy isn't making the stuff anymore, he did some AMAZING work. They're going to go with the DLD I already had to make up the core force of the Emir's army(Be nice if I could get some more Bengals though). If anyone out there has other DLD stuff they want to get rid of in 15mm, lemme know. I'm always on the lookout for it. Same goes for the old Grenadier 20mm figures for Twilight 2000.

There's some other gaming related stuff that's going on for me right now. I can't talk about it..NDA's involved you know. Needless to say, it's very cool. I am enjoying my hobby again...it's been a while. My painting is VERY productive and Jage is really spurring me on with his own work. Now if I can get some time to get my OWN Sahadeen done!

Yes, I know the 20mm has taken a back seat, but right now, it's the 15mm that's showing some promise. Not only that...I'm thinking of getting my Modern US and Stargate stuff done for October. I think a Zombie themed game would for October's meeting WOULD ROCK HARD!

24 March 2010

Djazlah, French forces in the Field (Short post)

Sketch by George, The artist (George) reserves all rights to this work, and it is used here with his permission. You can contact him at jagethebrain@gmail.com. More to come soon.

An charcoal and pencil image drawn by a French War artist of a I/REAI trooper on a sweep through the lower Northern highlands after a successful Sahadi ambush of a Caliphate supply column. The sweep turned up a single contact with four local force Sahadi, none of whom were taken alive.

The figure is carrying the FAR-27 bullpup rifle in 7.5mm Short, but is missing the clip on 35mm grenade launcher that is usually standard. The "curiasse de tactique" is camouflaged with local paint stocks, a usual expedient as the "bleus" and the Kepi de combat stood out for Sahadi snipers like a sore thumb. This troops seems to be buying trouble, as he is defiantly wearing the Kepi Blanc.

21 March 2010

More Work in Progress photos of the Combat Cars and a 15mm Pickup for my Human Resistance forces for Terminator.

I thought I'd take another photo session of my Hammers Slammers Combat Cars, as well as a photo of a project I'm working on with some Peter Pig trucks. All I am awaiting now is the Selpduvian Resistance fellas from Khurasan Miniatures. I am going to mix them with the militia types from GZG and I think we'll have something, that with the right paint work, looks darn close to what we saw on the big and small screens to the human resistance fighters.

Anyhow, here's the pics:







20 March 2010

A little Force On Force, a new meeting place, and date.

Well, the second meeting of the DC Gamers worked out very well. Curt showed up, as did me and Jage. We ran a scenario of Curt's design that was about the fighting in Anzio during the static phase of the beachhead fighting. It simulated a local push by German 3rd PzGrd Div (mot) against the perimeter of 3rd Infantry Division as part of Fischfang.. The players were the US side (me) and the Germans, ably played by Jage. The US was understrength, with two squads, a .30 cal MG and a Bazooka team.

The map was mostly open, with a couple small stands of woods and a line of ruins over mostly muddy terrain. The ruins were mostly towards the German side of the table, and they used them well to get in position to launch the assault on the US position on a rubbled building forward of the main line set up in the woods.

The German objective was to get at least a squad or more off the US end of the table, or failing that, to take the house. The US job, hold on for dear life. Both sides pulled one asset card before the game, I pulled a sniper card, and Jage a Light Artillery card.

The Germans opened by gaining initiative and shooting up the house, even with the cover the US troops had, the casualties began to mount. US fire was somewhat effective, but did little in the way to slow the Germans down. In the center, the US squad holding the woods traded fire with two German squads set up across the muddy fields in the line of rubble.

On turn 3, the Germans had killed all the Americans in the lower floor of the building and were in the process of assaulting it. But, as the Germans moved forward, the US sniper and remaining Americans on the upper floors took their tool, wounding or killing several Germans.

In the center, the casualties began to mount as the Germans found that even the cover of the buildings didn't protect them completely. Casualties on both sides piled up.

On turn 4, the worm turned, and I finally won initiative. The Americans stymied the German assault on the house just short of their goal. The squad in the center failed it's morale check, but the Americans paid for it...with German counterfire mauling the squad in the woods, the remaining defenders of the house falling and an attempt by the Americans to reinforce the line with the .30 and the Bazooka ending badly, as both elements were shot to pieces, the bazooka team fleeing back to the safety of the woods.

On turn 5, the game ended with more fire being traded by both sides and a German fire mission finally arriving to pound the woods to little effect. After that, it was agreed that the US had won a marginal victory on points...as the Germans had effectively taken the house, but they had bled so much taking it that the US could simply pull back and set up a new line based on the woods. Two German squads were combat ineffective, and the third had two seriously wounded members and wouldn't attempt an assault on it's own, even with three halftracks...the Bazooka was still out there.

Here's some pictures:

In other news, we have a date and place for the next meeting, 24 April at Victory Comics in Falls Church. You can find name and contact information in the previous Battletech post here.

We might have a sooner 15mm sci-fi event either at Pallisades or Victory Comics, but that's space dependent. Watch this space for details...and hey, if you're in the DC area, reading this, and like any of the AAG games, come join us!

16 March 2010

Some pictures from Saturday's Battletech Game!

The Stone Rhino before he got the PPC to the head!

Some of the Wobbies before the fighting commenced

Some of the Elementals who frustrated the designs of the WoB this day!

The Jade Falcon Executioner A who took a heavy toll of Blakists.

All 'Mechs were painted by Falcon Guard/Blackstone, with certain exceptions (the Stone Rhino and the Executioner, which are Dave Fanjoy pieces).

A little late, but here goes. DC Gamer Meeting this weekend.

The DC Gaming Group is proud to announce it's second meeting! March 20th at 1:00 PM at the Pallisades Neighborhood Library in Northwest DC. This is the last meeting at this location, Future meetings will be held at Victory Comics.

We'll be playing some Force On Force 20mm WWII, the scenario's set in the sunny seaside town of Anzio. The natives are showing their typical Teutonic hospitality. So come on by, it will be the Large PAL meeting room.

We'd be especially grateful if you happen to have a groundsheet. Mine is not going to make it in time from Hotz Mat.

15 March 2010

And they say running a blog is easy...Hah! New release from GZG for their 25s line...now if only these were in 15s....

But, knowing GZG, I suspect the 15mm line is well in hand. I really like the look of these guys.

The TMP story can be found here

UPDATE: This just in from GZG when I asked Jon about the prospect of these fellas in 15mm:

No plans at the moment, but it's not impossible......

Jon (GZG)

All I can say is, folks, warm up the email and ask, nicely for them. They look great in 25mm and the Molts were a neat, unique race in the fiction I've read. So Jon, what say you sir? Up to the challenge? I think so, what, with all the really nice 15mm releases thus far!

14 March 2010

Yesterday's Classic Battletech Game.and a review of Victory Comics

Well, I did promise to mention this...and frankly dear reader, I should have written this sooner. The game was held at a relatively new establishment called Victory Comics. Do not let the name fool you, it's planning to do more, a lot more.

The location is about 1 1/2 to 2 miles from the East Falls Church Metro. The location's nice, parking isn't too bad, and the location itself is airy, well lit (extremely so much to our very happy surprise). The owner is a nice, no drama guy who trusts his staff and the staff is knowledgeable and one even sat down and gamed with us for a short time.

I am planning on holding a DC Gamer's meeting there either the 17th or the 24th of April and I'm thinking this will probably be a switch from the library. It's very close to the bus lines from the metro, and the store closes at 9, so getting out of there isn't going to cause very much in the way of drama. Snacks and soda are sold for VERY reasonable rates on site and there are a few very good places to eat, Elevation Burger being one I highly recommend.

Selection of hobby materials is limited, for now, but the store owner and staff both told me that they do plan to get more stock in, depending on what people play. In short, I rather like this place, and I do plan to return as often as I can manage to get out there. The place has something FOR everybody.

Anyway, here's the address and POC information:

Victory Comics
586 S. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA
Ask for Jeff, he's the Big Kahuna there and a really nice guy.

Here are some pics of the gaming area to give you an idea of just how nice this place is.

As for the Battletech game, well it was a surrounded Jade Falcon unit being set upon by some Wobbies. Things went bad for the Falcons the first couple of turns. We had our Ryoken hit by a 'Mech taser...not fun, and our Stone Rhino taking a Heavy PPC to the head, hell of a way to get one's portrait taken, eh! And we had a Night Gyr down with an Engine and a Gyro hit. Well, things turned around, first, Blackstone nailed one of the offending bad guys with a series of AC/20 rounds from a Hunchback IIC...Hunchbacks in the city...never fun to deal with. And Blackstone proved why..He had two AC/20 carriers (the Hunchback and a Executioner), a Star of Elementals, and 4 Tyr Hovers. The Manei Dominei we found out, for all of their C3 advantage, which is not a good thing to begin with, don't do well in cities. And Blackstone is an artist with light units.

As for me, after losing the Stone Rhino, and facing down 2 100 tonners (An Archangel piloted by Beirith himself) and a Titan II, and a Raptor II. I collapsed the position as best as I could. I was under pressure on the other flank where I was using the left hand lower corner of the woodland map with the wooded hills as best as I could, but even with the cover I had, the shots were telling. But, the Clanners rallied and killed a Wraith the old fashioned way by coring a torso. We also crippled the Raptor II by the time we called the game. All agreed, as much as the Wobbies had lost two lighter 'Mechs to our one (An assault), neither side could claim a win. Yeah, we were shot up, I had engine hits GALORE, but the Wobbies were sporting a lot of 'Mechs with head hits and had taken a lot of missile fire from Elementals.

I learned a few things yesterday:

1. ECM is vital when going Wobbie hunting, don't leave home without it.

2. Faster Wobbies need to die first, they're going to spot for the C3 network and then you get the missile/PPC/VPL/god knows what at close range.

3. Wobbies have a tough time in close terrain, they're faster, but they don't pack JJs as much in the heavier designs, I know, they're Omnis..but take a look in the 3075 TRO sometime. They're very tight designs for the tonnage because all the bennies that make them hard to kill are very, very bulky. More often than not, you'll have the firepower advantage. Lesson to Wobbie players? Don't go ANYWHERE alone, just like the horror movies.

4. Wobbies die like everyone else in cities, and Elementals, like cats, may have most people believing they work well alone, but they work better in pairs..and SRM-20 on Wobbie 'Mechs that don't for some reason, usually pack AMS? Yeah, Clan players STILL have options.

These were hard won lessons, and I expect to learn more as I play them..but the number one thing, they're tougher to kill than any 'Mech you'll ever face. Big guns are a must shooting Wobbies..even the light ones..Pulses are also good party favors.

Combat Cars WIP

They're turning out pretty well thus far. I am liking the way they're looking comparable to the scheme on the tanks, which of course, is the point, correct? I am looking forward to finishing these and getting the infantry done.

Comments gang?








12 March 2010

Started on the Combat Cars and got some custom decals

I am proving to be very productive of late. I am working on the Hammers Slammers Combat Cars, and I should finish them by next week at the latest. They are a fast paint job, being monochromatic. Heck, I think the weathering and the stowage add some color to what would be some very drab vehicles otherwise. But, that's the way Drake wrote them, and they seem to work for the unit. But, I gotta say, the next unit I paint is going to be a bit more lively.

I am working on color scheme ideas for both the Caliph's Army, as well as the Emir's. As i got custom decals to go with the flags I worked up. They're roundels that match the flag colors. I am liking the shape and unique scheme of the roundels, they have a sci-fi look to them for sure.

I have also been working on detailed TOEs of late, and I'll post them as soon as I have the time. I promise to keep more coming with Djazlah. It's proven to be a popular idea and I want to game it as soon as I can. I have and am getting the figures for the place. 15mm Sci-fi is proving to be quite the place to be in wargaming these days. That's all for now.

10 March 2010

Djazlah, a Primer, Part 2


These are the positions of the combatants on the inhabited Eastern continent on Djazlah. There are small, independent settlements between and outside these controlled areas, and all combatants range outside their home areas into both the uncontrolled areas, and each other's "secure zones".

The Western continent has not been settled, and the only expedition that set out for the land mass was lost ten years ago just before the outbreak of civil war. Rumors of intelligent indig life or prehistoric monsters aren't seen as realistic by any scientific authorities, but the French Light Cruiser in orbit sends a recon drone or three over every couple of weeks to be on the safe side.

08 March 2010

A break from Djazlah, The Hammer's Slammers Tanks are done!

Here they are, they're done and IMO, they look great. I found them easy to paint and receptive to some alteration with green stuff and work with stowage. The Decals Express stuff works well too, and they really bring the Hammers Slammers look together. I hope the Combat Cars turn out as nice.




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05 March 2010

Flags and Armies of Djazlah, Part 4

French forces on Djazlah:

12e Demi-Brigade de la Légion Étrangère (Provisionale)
I/Regiment Etranger de Aero Infantrie (from Regiment Etranger De Aero-Infantrie)
II/1e Regiment Etranger Parachutiste (from 2e REP)
III/1e REC (from 1e Regiement Etranger de Cavalrie)
II/5e REI (from 5e Regiment Etranger de Infantrie)
1 company from II/6e REG (Regiment Etranger de Genie)
1 battery from II/1e REA (Regiment Etranger de Artillerie)

The II/5e REI and the III/1e REC spend most of their time running patrols and convoys along the roads and wadis of the lowlands on Djazlah. The I/REAI and II/1e REP are held in readiness as strike forces against enemy concentrations and often work in conjunction with teams from 1e RIPMa against identified targets in the highlands and northwest lowlands.

Equipment is French Army standard, including the blueish-gray "combat bleus" but the troops wear the "Kepi de Combat" which is a dark green instead of the conspicuous "Kepi Blanc". However, many units still stubbornly wear the Kepi Blanc, even in action. The helmet is the standard Mle 2200, with flip down HUD goggles and "Net de Tactique" tie in.

Flags and armies of Djazlah, Part 3


The Sahadi movement on Djazlah is a new sect of Islam with shadowy origins amongst the Af-Pak refugees living mostly in the highlands. These people were never very open with outsiders either back on Earth, or here on Djazlah, and this recent development hasn't changed anything.

What is known is this. They are led by a man only known as "The Sahadi". He is surrounded by a dozen members of his "Black Guard", men, and surprisingly, women who have sworn loyalty to the death to him and to the tenets of the Sahad way.

The "way", as it is referred to often by believers, seems to be made up of the following tenets:

1) Equity of all before god, this includes women. However, all good Muslims must recognize Sahad as continuing the work of Muhammad and Ali, Muhammed's first cousin. Therefore, Shia are considered fellow believers, if a bit deluded. Sunni are despised. Other religions are treated with benign neglect, as dhimmitude is frowned upon as "unworthy of the people of Sahad".

2) Jihad against apostates is the highest form of service to God, however, the time of your sacrifice is fixed by God, not by you, or someone else, therefore, suicide is considered an act of apostates.

3) Djazlah is for the faithful. Others of the book may live here, but they must acknowledge and respect that the world is for the faithful.

Oddly, for a guerrilla army, prisoners are often treated well and are released unharmed after a time. The Sahadi are often compared more with the 19th Century desert tribes than more modern terror groups. They do not surrender themselves, and will often fight to the death when cornered.

Uniforms tend to be long flowing cloaks with goggles and respirator masks. The colors tend mostly towards browns and grays, but the "Black Guard" wears blacks and greys and often carries pistols, shotguns and blades, and excels at infiltration of enemy positions. Weapons are a mix from several sources, but predominantly Manchu, Russian and Japanese of Caucasian War surplus vintage.

The French have identified some 12 main force battalion groups amongst the guerrillas, and another three battalions of the Black Guard. The French believe there are also 15 more battalion sized local force groups that remain fairly static and defend the mountain strongholds against raids from the French and the Caliph's troops.

04 March 2010

Armies and Flags of Djazlah, Part 2

Flag and Army of the Emir of Djazlah

Gazi Al-Hazi the V, Son of Hekmatyr, Emir of Djazlah. He is currently a Emir without a throne, and he is waging an increasingly ignoble war to do so. He has gone from interstellar playboy to hardened killer who is determined to take back his world and avenge his father’s death, whatever the cost to him, his followers and ultimately, the people of his world. He shows the French interlopers no mercy at all either. To him, they are worse than the Caliph, they are jackals feeding on the home of his birthright.

His army consists of:

1 battalion of the Elite “Steel Hand” who are light raiding troops who specialize in raiding mining convoys from heavily armed jeeps. Often travelling for weeks in the Caliph’s territory in fast and heavily armed light wheeled and half-tracked vehicles.

4 brigades of motorized infantry (Regular), the units often operate in platoon sized elements, launching raids and occasional smash and grabs against French held mines and outlying Caliph firebases and checkpoints. Each brigade consists of three battalions and are equipped with a mix of pre-war equipment, imported gear, and impressed civilian vehicles.

4 brigades of regional forces of four battalions each. These organizations are scattered amongst the isolated lowlands of the northeastern end of the continent where the emir has his base of support. These are part-time soldiers who rarely stray far from their homes and usually end up defending their homes from attacks from the Caliph’s men, or the French.

Flags and summaries of the major factions on Djazlah, Part 1

Flag of the Caliphate of Djazlah:

Banner of the Army of Ibn Hauk Al Mhazdi, the Munificent, the conqueror of Al-Hazi the wicked.

Al-Mhazdi is the puppet ruler of the French dominated colony. His main job is to keep the populace pacified and the French mines unmolested either by the remains of the Emir's forces, or the thick-necked Sahadi from the highlands. He has the following forces at his disposal:

The Caliphs Guard Brigade (Elite Hover Mech brigade of 4 battalions, one is on duty at the Caliph's palace at all times on a rotating basis, with the other three battalions rotating between the starport, the Caliph's summer palace and their barracks on the north end of the capital).

3 Armored Cav Regiments, named the Abd-El-Krim Regiment, the Ahmed Belbachir Haskouri Regiment, and the Saladin Regiment (3 squadrons of battalion size each) (Regulars) (Scattered in penny packets as QRFs to back up the scattered infantry garrisons along the lowlands and foothills bordering the highlands. Equipment is imported light tracked armor and APCs.

1 4 Battalion Motorized Infantry Brigade, 1st "Host of the Caliph" Brigade (Regulars) (Equipment is imported wheeled APCs from French surplus) (Unit is often deployed as part of the QRFs in concert with the Armored Cav Regiments)

3 Infantry Brigades of 5 battalions each, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Brigades (Regulars), the units are newly raised by the French and are equipped by them wholly, units are moved by impressed civilian trucks.

2 "Soldiers of the Holy" Reserve Divisions and a Motorized Brigade of reservists. These units have never been called up and their performance if they actually would probably be dubious at best.

Blue Moon Manufacturing is releasing new 15mm Sci-Fi Line

I like the looks of them, they have a certain anime feel. But we won't be seeing them for a while, Origins 2010 is the release date according to the website.

Pictures can be seen below:

More can be seen here(scroll down).

And, a TMP post with more details can be found here