26 October 2009

Alexandria CBT went well

God what a difference a gaming group makes.

The good:
-Company was excellent, not the "arrested development" of my last bunch. I don't mind bad jokes or tomfoolery..but when the humor stopping being funny sometime around junior high...Not the case here.

-Game was loose and yet dramatic and played to a conclusion by god!

-People left wanting to do it again!

The bad:

-Not much I can think of...

21 October 2009

Gamer Drama, how much is self-inflicted?

The term Gamer Drama comes from my wife. But yeah, it's there, whether it's the group that acts like six year olds that makes you embarrassed to know them, or the internet forum where people take jokes out of context, or worse yet, make insane accusations?
Yeah, we've been there.

But is it all really necessary? Is this being part of a passionate hobby full of people who do get interested in topics great and small? We're a small hobby demographically. And, if the statistics I keep hearing are any guide, then we're not getting any younger either. And that's the sad part. Must we as a hobby turn on each other because of issues great and small? Look, I'm guilty too. There are games where it's "wind him up and let him go." But, I am trying, maybe it's the wisdom one begins to get in their 30s as one realizes, this hobby has good and bad..but must we let our experience with the bad be the deciding factors in our treatment of each other?

This isn't a "let's all get along" speech. That'll never happen, and if it did, we wouldn't have much to game. The fact really is this: We're too small a hobby to let grudges carry on for long. Don't like a game or somebody in particular? Don't game it or don't play with that person. It's a hard lesson to learn, and it can leave you lonelier in the end. But at least you have your respect. Or, as my wife puts it.."arguing on the internet is like winning the Special Olympics..you might win, but you're still retarded." Perhaps that's not the most PC way to make the point, but I like it blunt myself.

And what the hell is this hate specifically for one website or another? A twisted form of marketing? Don't like a website? Don't go there. Sorry but this one just mystifies me. Isn't the internet the limitless frontier? Lately all I've been seeing is a lot of "this town ain't big enough for the both of us."

07 October 2009

Never say Never I guess....

I was contacted by a new CBT group forming in the area, and get this, they asked me to join them..funny how that worked out. So, I'll give it a shot. Can't hurt, can it? I'm going to be getting a lot of historicals done soon as well..I have so much to do right now, it's not funny...

- Writing projects
- Putting together some kits and organizing my US force for Twilight 2000 Iran. Then, repainting my US Woodland BDU guys because frankly, I've found a better way, probably end up repainting most of my moderns.
- Painting up the remains of the WWII that needs to be done. There's a lot, but the armies are mostly done that I do have, with certain exceptions.
- Getting started on my Micro Armor moderns (getting more of that painted and done).
- Painting more 'Mechs (It seems I'll be putting them to use after all?)
- Finishing up more 15mm Sci-fi armies.
- Get the pics I took at Game Day up!

I think once I can get all this out of the way, life will be good.