03 August 2015

Gaming Inadequacy!

Yeah, I know what your are saying, "WTF man?" but hear me out. I guess my main issue is that I am rather dedicated to this hobby, but I wonder if my skill matches it. I will admit to not being the most patient fellow when I put things together. I am also the world's biggest klutz, and frankly, my stuff falls short of some of the real artistry out there,
Yeah, I know, the three foot rule. But honestly, I went to Historicon, put on a pair of games, and only one was up to snuff in the looks department....barely. I am not saying I am going to give up on the hobby, or become one of these folks whose only hobbies are what new trendy habit they can discover this week,  but dammit, I want a better look to my stuff. One that says "Hey folks, come play my game, you will have a ton of fun!"
I guess right now, I am left wondering what to do about this, and what else I can learn from the experience. I saw Jerry Frazee's setup, and what can I say, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! He more than deserved best of show.
I guess my main issue is, ok, so what do I do to at least look like I belong in the arena, and not like some 12 year old kid putting on a game with his friends (Not that that is a bad thing, I was once that 12 year old kid putting on games).

At the request of one poster...here is my tables....