25 February 2009

Back again, sorry about the hiatus.

Been doing a lot of Classic Battletech lately. Same as for the last two years. But I found a new organization, the Silver Spring Civic Guard, and here's hoping they're easier to get to that NOVAG was. Also, found out PW's been reformed. Got to get in touch with Fred, but we'll see. Won't be the same without Wally Simon though.
In other news, I made a killer trade with D.Chris Seabolt of Dansville Wargamers for a few Russian needs and some nice looking terrain. More details, and hopefully, some pictures later. He's a great guy, and a hail fellow well met, so I want to give him a shout out here, even if he is a Marine...
As for my two cents, well, the rumors are swirling about a potential move of Historicon to Baltimore. TMP is all abuzz about it here. Frankly, I am cautiously optimistic and hope for the best, but I have a bad feeling this will become mired in the usual BoD politics one sees swirl around HMGS. If they move to Baltimore, I have to be honest, it probably will be a good thing. Transportation for a lot of folks will be easier, and though costs will go up, I think the benefits will go up as well. Just so long as they don't move to Timonium. That was an unmitigated disaster.

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