24 March 2009

New and Old, and got some work done over the weekend!

Well, I traded some Vietnam and Arab-Israeli figs for a boatload of kits, including some WWII Hetzers and Marders that will prove to be useful. Also, managed to get my hands on copies of Blitzkrieg, D-Day to Berlin and the new Osprey on the T-80 I especially enjoyed the T-80 book and found it very informative, with many earlier assumptions, such as the high-low tank design mix, and the planned progression of Soviet tank design (aka, the FST-1 of threat inflation fame) was actually low balling it in a few areas...gun caliber for one..152mm in a CiH design...YIKES!

In other news, I put together some of the kits I have gotten recently...and can sum it up this way. Dragon makes some nice kits..so does Trumpeter. I put together a Zaveda D-30...let's just say...ugh. But, they're the only game in town. I also mounted all my guns on plastic bases. I figured it will protect them a lot better in the long run.

In other news, am jazzed about H-Con 2010 and I am working on historicals more and more these days...even if finding folks to play 20mm close enough to DC that I am not making an epic trek is difficult. Not a knock on NOVAG, simply an observation.

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