18 April 2010

Next meeting of the DC Gaming Group and a status report

First off, the third meeting of the DC Gaming Group is in it's new location:

Victory Comics
586 S. Washington Street
Falls Church, VA

Drop on by. I am really excited by this and I think this will lead to some nice developments!

As for the painting front, I was slightly delayed in finishing the Hammers Slammers Infantry due to some RL stuff. I'll be done with them in time for the 24th I think, but that might remain to be seen. In any event. We'll see. I also paid a visit to the Hobby Works in Rockville for their annual sale. I managed to get out of there for less than $20 and mostly got some paint, brushes, and a MRC Jagdpanzer IV for $10. Wish they had some of the BTR-80s they make, but c'est la vie.

So come on by. We'd love to meet you, game will be TBA at this point, but I am very sure we'll come up with something, in fact, knowing AA/FoF, we'll probably manage to get two games in!


  1. Nice to see an update. What time should I plan on for arrival? I was planning on going to the sale, but I was tied up this weekend w/ school projects. I have to go now but I'll email you later to discuss the meeting, so far it looks like I can make it there.

  2. Which game system are we playing with this Saturday? Force on Force? Do I need to bring anything? Let me know, Dwin.

  3. We're running Tomorrow's war for sure. I think we're pretty good on stuff. Best bet, bring dice, especially D8s and a notepad to take notes on things that arise during the game. It may be polyglot forces mainly b/c it's what I got in 15mm that's painted.

  4. Dwin, on second thought, if you can bring some roads...it would be boffo!