22 September 2010

A lot to blog!

RL has been kicking me in the arse lately. I wanted to write something sooner, but my regimen of doctors visits relating to my seizure condition are a bit daunting, not to mention work has been a bit busy of late.

First, two weeks ago, I played in a not-Battlestar Galactica game with the new Iron Wind Metals miniatures starship line with my Alexandria group. They also are putting out a set of rules for the figure line, and the game was interesting, but the rules had some holes, such as the "missile spam" one sees in the rules, which is something reminiscent of Star Fleet Battles. I much prefer the way Full Thrust handles salvos. The other rules weren't bad at all, but took a bit of getting used to, and the missile salvos crossing the table looked very cinematic.

The Cylons got beat mainly because of our misreading of the Point Defense rules, where each salvo could be engaged anew as long as there was dice remaining, instead of one shot only at each incoming missile. But, the tactics are very reminiscent of planned Soviet tactics against US CVBG...now that we know that we were right, we can try our tactics again.

Also, and bigger news...Tomorrow's War IS OUT!!! I've been doing a lot of playtesting with the crew and to my fellow playtesters, WE DID GOOD! I am proud of you all. This is special for me because I am eagerly awaiting the full release next year; Why?

I'll let what I said on Facebook say it:

A while ago, I got involved in playtesting for these guys:


And well, things kinda snowballed. I submitted some minor pieces for the fluff background for Tomorrow's War, their new sci-fi rules release. Well, considering the fact that AAG just inked a deal with Osprey that means Osprey will be publishing their stuff..that means yours truly, provided I don't wind up on the cutting room floor (always a chance in the biz), will be featured in a minor role in a Osprey product in March 2011!

I am very happy about this to be sure!

Yeah, folks, I am psyched. Folks, I can't say enough about this game! Get your copy here

Jage and I gave FWC and an adaptation of Rapid Fire for Sci-fi a try. Rapid Fire, it's a neat simple set of rules, and with some guesstimates, it worked well. FWC, well, it fell down mainly because we needed to plan things a bit better.

Finally, Sierra Foxtrot 15 is coming along nicely, I think we should be ready, provided we can get the Crucible review done soon. We're not adverse to more articles, but art is our big need. If you can help, please contact us at jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom.

That's it for now all.

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  1. Good luck with your Dr visits. I know they can be a drag. I frequent the VA for some long days.

    Anyway, Gratz on the fluff you have done for TW. I have the PDFs but will more than likely get the hard book next year.

    Mel Beard
    Force XXI Miniatures