21 January 2011

Kinda a dark day for hobby related news....

Well, I haven't been by in a while. Mainly due to some personal matters I'm not going to talk about except to say that's it's an illness in the family.

As for illness, I was cruising the Guild this morning and read a thread from
Jenny Howitt, daughter of Dave Howitt of Britannia Miniatures. I'll let Jenny's words break the news:
My name is Jenny Howitt, Dave Howitt's of Britannia Miniatures daughter, I've just registered to convey some unfortunate news. I'm afraid to say my Dad had a massive heart attack on Monday and is very ill in hospital.

As a result of this Britannia will cease trading for a few weeks. If anyboy has ordered I can assure you that all orders will be filled in due course.

Dad is very positive and in good spirits, thanks in advance for yur understanding.

This is some sad news, and I think we should all include Dave in our prayers, as well as see what as a community we can do to be helpful to the Howitt family.

UPDATE: The damage to Dave Howitt's heart was sadly, too much and he passed away this Saturday. Please include the Howitt family in your prayers today.

In other, more unpleasant news, though I don't do Battletech as much as I used to, I still cruise by the forums and I am involved in helping to run a strategic PBEM game. Therefore, I wasn't too happy to read this on the website link to the forums:

Due to a security breach the forums are being taken down indefinitely while the damage to the system is accessed. Because of the nature of this breach it is unlikely we will be restoring a backup of user accounts as it is impossible to know who's passwords and accounts have been compromised.

We are currently accessing our options and will get the forums back up in one form or another as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Jason M. Knight classicbattletech.com System Administrator

In other news, I am giving the Nook quite the workout as I master it's intricacies with PDFs..I can tell you smaller print is better. As you zoom in, it tends not to like larger print. I am right now engrossed in the Anthony Beevor work about Stalingrad, and it's giving me gaming ideas, not just for WWII.

I also have some writing projects in the fire, nothing major, and nothing I can discuss, but as soon as I can, I shall. Let's hope for better times for all concerned.

In closing, I am also out there, soliciting for SF 15's 3rd issue. Don't be shy, submit!

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