09 March 2011

Some more Twilight 2000 Themed buildings I worked up

It's been a nutty couple of months for me, and I almost didn't make deadline for the 2011 Guild Project Build

As it was, a lot of my more grandiose plans went by the wayside, but I did manage to knock these out in a weekend's worth of work (day's more like it). You can do a lot of good work in a day if you have a plan and know what you're doing. And happily, I had both.

So here they are:

The first is an European themed building decorated with shrunken versions of real images of Soviet and Warpac propaganda and civil defense posters I found online.

The second is a building in the US occupied by the fascist group, New America and well, the locals have let their displeasure be known about the new occupiers....

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