06 November 2015

Stuff for Sale- Winter Clearout (Can't make Fall In)

This is the preliminary for sale page...Pictures and details will go up shortly, but this is to give you all an idea of what is for sale. All prices are in USD. Buyer responsible for shipping. Paypal only.
Books and Rulebooks:
- 2 copies of Fireball Forward (one has some cover damage and will go for $7) $10
- Volley and Bayonet 1st Ed by GDW $5
- Volley and Bayonet 2nd Ed by Frank Chadwick and Greg Novak (Test of Battle Games) - $15 - SOLD
- Over the Top by GDW (Command Decision WWI) - $10
- Classified Scenario Pack for FoF by Ambush Alley Games - $15
- PMC 2640 by Assault Publishing - $20
- Men Under Fire by Test of Battle Games -$20 (WWII Skirmish)
- Unpainted collection of 15mm British and Dutch Belgians for 1815 Hundred Days - Looking for $150 for the lot. PM or email for details and photos. (I have to go through this for details)
-24 15mm old sculpt GZG Free Cal Tex troopers - $10

15mm WWII (Mix of Old Glory, PSC, and Battlefront) to be posted soon.
More will go up as the days go on, so watch this space. Please either contact me at jason.weiser@gmail.com or PM me care of the board.

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