31 December 2008


I hope to use this site to chronicle various projects of mine...talk about ideas and things I have run into in my travels around the internet and just plain talk about my travels gaming wise and work on my never ending pile o' lead.

So, who am I?

I'm 34, married six years and living in downtown DC. Our apartment's small, too small to run a decent game in sadly, and one has to travel out to the VA burbs to find a decent gaming space short of a person's house. Shame really.

My periods include 20mm WWII, 20mm Moderns (With a PA Twilight 2000 bent and I may expand into Zombies as well, as Ambush Z looks like a lot of fun), 15mm Sci-Fi (Good skirmish potential and easy on the wallet, but I am torn between Future War Commander and Stargrunt II, have both rules, but basing decisions are a bit thorny), 1/285 Moderns (Fistful of TOWs II and I am building armies to do the usual Soviet threatened excursion to the Rhine, as well as you guessed it, the conventional phase of Twilight 2000), I also have some 6mm Sci-fi (including a few hundred 'Mechs) that I use mostly for Classic Battletech, but I'd love to run some Dirstide as well. I also have a few fleets for Full Thrust.

I also have a few of the HPS computer titles and am always looking for folks to game the modern titles with. Playing against the AI tends to bore.

I hope this turns into a grab bag with something for everyone. I am on the Guild and TMP often enough under this handle at the Guild and M1Fanboy at TMP. And, I stalk around quite a few other places as well.

I hope this blog is entertaining, and I hope that by looking it over myself from time to time, I can learn something. Hope you all like it.

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  1. Lol, seems that new year is a great time to start a new blogg. I have decided to go back to Blogger and have just started a blogg about my ongoing WAB project. Good luck with your new blogg, I will follow it.