24 August 2009

What's been going on and future plans.

Hey all,
Well, I am winding down the summer. It's been a good, but quiet summer on the gaming front. Fall with Assembly Point and the HMGS gaming day in Baltimore seems to be offering more exciting opportunities. My hobbies have taken a slight backseat as I have had some medical issues to take care of..they're minor, but a sign I am not getting younger.
I managed to finally get my hands on some VERY nice M4A1s with 76mm...now, I'd like to get some more M4s and M4A1s as I've been inspired to get working on building up enough to do a platoon or two from my Grandfather's old division. There is a lot happening on the 15mm front, and the lead pile grows...so I'd really better do something to cut it down to size.
An apology to Dwin..those minor medical issues precluded us getting together this past Friday. Give me a call when you can.
I want to talk about this blog as well. I know again, this is sort of my place to muse about doings in the hobby, and that I've been quiet these past two months, but I want to hear from you, the reader a little bit about things you might want to read. There's a lot on the plate and I do want to make time for it..but isn't that what winter's for? Catch up on the painting and such to get ready for next summer's con season? I will say I appreciate the support I received from many of you out there. Considering the path I have taken lately, it's been good to see I am not alone in my assessments of the hobby. Keep the comments and well wishes coming, and here's to a more active September!


  1. Hi Jason, don't worry about the gaming, went up to Pennsylvania this weekedn to visit an old friend and his wife who are retired up there. I've been a little under the weather as well and getting the boy ready for his first year in Middle School has kept me busy as well.

  2. Kind of sick right now, on anti-biotics and a steroid spray. Don't think there will be any gaming this weekend, have to catch up on work.


  3. Np, I need to get some work around the house done!