03 September 2009

Not much to report

Have had a lot of RL intrude as of late. So, not much gaming going on, though some nice acquisitions recently, I'll have photos up soon. (really, I promise). Just wanted to let folks know that I am still alive and such and things will get more active soon!


  1. I've been sick and the last month has had tons of stuff going on, start of a new school year and my son going to a new school and all sorts of things like that so I've been up to my ankles in alegators, sorry :-( Maybe we will get more gaming in during September or October, keep your fingers crossed.

  2. Things are still pretty busy. Still trying to adjust to a new sleep schedule and having to pick up my son from the bus stop at 2:50PM each day. September is looking kind of bad, hopeing October might look better. Keep me in the loop and sorry :-(

  3. Sorry for having responsibilities? Hey, it happens. Relax, get done what needs doing and we'll see each other on the flip side.