11 November 2009

Pete Panzeri Resigns...MIght Historicon be moving again?


My reaction to this on The Miniatures Page is one of shock, as I didn't know Pete was sick..Get well, sir. And, wondering if the BoD is about to anger the other half of HMGS who supported the move. I'm not saying anything will change before 2011. More than likely, it won't. The convention center contracts are usually iron-clad, and getting out of them usually include lots of money, and remembering the bad old days when HMGS always seemed on the edge of financial "dear god, dear god, we're all gonna die." land, I would hope any decision is made with due deliberation.

The following facts, however, need to be addressed.

1) The Host is running out of room and for many, is neither easy to get to, or easy to get around at. Hell, the last time I was there, I remember con organizers were limiting how many folks entered the Flea Market at one time because the Fire Marshal had been less than pleased.

2) Lancaster PA is not near major transportation hubs. Baltimore is. Are you going to pay a little more? Sure. But methinks it all comes out in the wash.

3) We need a facility that can grow with the con..From what I'm hearing, Historicon attendance is actually increasing by leaps and bounds. We need a facility that can grow with that.

That said, if there are financial matters that require review...then by all means, review. I simply ask that folks take a deep breath and not say Baltimore/Lancaster or Fight!

And, in an unrelated story! It's POST # 50! WHOOOOHOOO!!!!

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