22 December 2009

A Decision has been made...

Well, it seems Baltimore is no more for Historicon 2010.

It's now at Valley Forge

I am left with more than a bit of a bad taste in my mouth over this. And I for one, do not plan to attend. In my opinion, and it's my opinion alone, this matter was handled badly probably from the start. Let's not bring up the fact that politics probably reared it's ugly head.

Honestly, having gone to the location in Baltimore, I didn't think that it was that bad a venue, and from what I have heard as to what the proposed venue in Valley Forge will be, I am less than pleased as to the prospects. Supposedly, it's an even worse venue than the Host. Historicon was growing by leaps and bounds, and the Host, as venerable as it was, was straining to hold the con. So, HMGS-East has decided not to make changes and instead, took a step backward.

I wish them well, but I won't be there to see this debacle.


  1. I looked at the drive on Mapquest and it looks like a longer trip than to Lancaster. I guess they had thier reasons for moving again. I know people didn't like the Baltimore site because it was difficult unloading terrain and game stuff to and from the parking to the venue. Don't think I'll be going, if the new venue has fewer hotel rooms then it will be even more difficult to get a room and if I can't stay at the venue then I'm not really interested in going.

  2. I did notice that they say they have 2500 free parking spots and that is a lot more than at the Lanchaster Host and I know the parking in Baltimore is expensive so that might have been the reason they chose Valley Forge.