29 October 2010


Hey all,
I am going to Fall In tomorrow for Saturday and Sunday. If you plan on being there, or are already there, chime in. I'm gonna try to live blog, but that can be iffy. I've also inaguarated "Larry the Leadhead" here on the Blog, so we'll see how that goes. I think I am going to try to fill out some 20mm WWII and Modern needs this con, as the 15mm Sci-Fi pickings seem a bit thin, but that's ok. I also may load up on decals, paints and books, as I-94 will be there. Also, I am considering Check Your Six as there are rave reviews about the rules, 1/600 aircraft are dirt cheap and I kinda like the subject matter of the scenario packs. Gage, I promise I'll get you a pack of the PSC Russians.

So, I hope to see many of you, I'll be wearing a TMP ribbon as well with my screen name there; M1 Fanboy. So, I do hope I get the chance to put faces to names this trip.

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