11 October 2010

PC back up and running! Thank god, and I'm GOING TO FALL IN!!!

Hey guys,
First off, my home PC is fixed, sorta, we're functioning off of an old 200GB HD and my portable for now. That's not so bad, as I await my replacement drive from Seagate. Seems I was still under warranty. How in the heck that happened? I dunno. So, hopefully soon, I will have a brand spanking new HD and my computer troubles will be old news.
Second, I am going to Fall In through the graciousness of friends. I look forward to seeing faces old and new, and heck, seeing the Host for the first time in four years might actually be fun. I hear SGMM will be there, and that's going to allow me to fill a few things out, along with Eureka USA. Here's hoping they bring their 20mm WWII line...perhaps an email is in order?
Hadn't heard too much else I'd be too excited about, but I suspect some others will be there as well. And there's always the flea market!
Well, that's it for now.

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