27 November 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays all,
I am blogging from the wife's netbook at my parents. Let's just say I am rather OD'd on family togetherness. But this is a wargaming blog. So let's stick to the topics at hand.

1. SF 15 got a good response for articles and not so much for art. I will leave the art to our layout guy. I hope he can find some stuff we can use, but we'll make do. I'd really like to see somebody do a review for Tomorrow's War. I don't think either I or Gage should be doing any kind of review. We both helped with the playtest and I wrote some fluff for the rules. Talk about conflict of interest! What I am happy about is that we have at least two scenarios this time around! I am really psyched about that.

2. Got my Nook this week and took a look at it with a Battletech PDF, the results were so-so. I could read it but the occasional paragraph was out of wack and it took forever for any images in the file to load. Image heavy rules aren't the best on it, but if it's a lot of text, it'll do the job well.

That's pretty much it for now.


  1. Was this a Nook or Nook Color? I'm seriously considering it for my BattleTech pdfs and Battlecorps.com stories, so I'm very interested in what you find.


  2. It was a regular Nook, but it did handle the Battlecorps stories I have uploaded well, I think the more graphics there are, the harder time the original Nook has.