21 December 2010

What's happening in 2011.

1. With my private life calming down, and work winding down into the new year, I do now have some time to work on some stuff. I also have the Guild's Project Build I signed up for. Yes, that's right. I am going to get this 20mm Twilight 2000 project done. Here's some of the ideas I wanna do:

- A Polish Battlegroup, probably of a built BMP-2 (ACE kit) and a Britannia T-55 along with some Grenadier 20mm figures. Probably even some Horse Cav?

- An East German Battlegroup of some BTR-152s and a T-72 called "Kampfgruppe Thallmann". I think some mixed East German figs, mostly of former Kampfgruppe der Arbeiterklasse (Battlegroups of the Working Class, eg East German Militia) and the old MfS Wachregiment "Feliks E. Dzierzynski"
(They're trustworthy Germans, or at least the Soviets think so), I am thinking the East Germans will come from Platoon 20 and RH Models.

- Repaint (Not happy with the BDUs at all) and organize my Americans, probably organize both a band of 5th Division survivors and a DIA backed SF unit.

- Paint up and organize my Brits, I've got a lot of what I need for them, I just need to paint the lot up. Rest assured, THEM will put in an appearance. (anybody got a Spare pair of Landrovers in 20mm?)

- Organize and come up with a backstory for my Soviets.

- I also want to paint up a Marauder band. I have a few Dark Future 20mm GW figures. I'd love to get more, but those things are damn rare. But these fellas seem to be coming to the fore! Some of their line might suffice.

Think that's enough tasks?

2. In other news, I am weighing what to use for Imperial Army troops. I know I've got the Traveller Imperial Marines, and Zhos for sure. I've got plenty I can use for lower tech troops as well as Swordies. But Imperial Army? I am thinking the new Khurasan Federal Army types. I just have to get the items together, but that's taking a bit of a back seat to my group build.

3. The Guild's Big Game is going to Be Modern Africa sometime in 2012. I am interested, but I did have some misgivings about 20mm Modern Africa. Oh well, I guess I can make it work, it just means Rolf is going to get plenty of my money. Though I hear Ehliem is also coming out with some suitable figures.

That's it for now, but I know there's going to be more, but we'll see where things go from here.

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