24 July 2012

I am back, and Historicon 2012

Well, I came, I saw, I shopped. Historicon 2012 has come and gone from Fredricksburg and I was impressed with the venue, to say the least.

Things I liked were:
1. Light. There was enough of it and my memories of the Host being lit so poorly you could mistake Japanese for Soviets in 15mm scale is a thing of the past, one hopes.

2. Space. The flea market could be leisurely walked through (comparatively) and we didn't even FILL the open gaming space. Expansion room is going to be available.

3. Staff. The staff were nice, helpful and they knew the answers to your questions.

4. Affordability. By gum, the food on premises was pretty affordable, and there was plenty of GOOD food on premises. 

5. Accessibility. The site was accessible from Amtrak (The cab ride cost me $7) and I didn't hear a bad word about MOST of the hotels (With the singular exception of the nearby Econo Lodge). 

Most of the complaints were minor:
1. Noise: Yes, it was an issue in the open gaming area and I think some skull sweat needs to be applied towards it for next year.

2. Signage: There needs to be better directions as to where things are. A venue I was looking for described as "being in the ballroom". It wasn't. That's ok, but that does need to be worked on.

3. Bathrooms: Simply put, I don't think the convention staff planned well for the bathroom needs for 3,000 middle aged men descending on the place for 4 days. I heard toilet paper became hard currency (joking). Let's just say it's an issue for me.

But all in all, I do prefer this venue to Lancaster. It's an expandable venue. The climate control was bearable, the venue was well lit and didn't smell like warmed over funeral parlor. HMGS can grow with this place. We cannot grow with the Host. It's that simple.

And some of the games that were put on looked fantastic. I didn't get into anything other than a Battletech grinder as I was only down for the day. I will put up photos later, but there was just a fantastic set of games and terrain out there.

I saw friends old and new, including some I thought I'd NEVER see again. Patrick, you fecking loon, you shoulda told me to buy Fireball Forward! (j/k).

Here's to next year, and me FINALLY running something at Historicon!


  1. Did you get to see Frank? He was going to be there.


    1. Dave,
      Saw him, got a copy of the rules and signed. Told him you guys (GDW) are what got me writing in the industry.