17 July 2011

Gave it a chance, didn't like it. And, I'm coming back from the hiatus

I gave 6sided.net a chance. Well, I can't say I liked getting my blog literally slammed by spam. I had to moderate a comment every other day from a spammer. So, we're moving back here. It did look clean and pretty though.

As for other matters, well, 2011 has been a tough year. Personal issues, work issues, money issues, I'm ready for 2012 and the year's barely half over. Missed H-Con but I heard about the rumors of moving to Frederickburg. Good choice IMHO. Honestly, the NE just is getting to expensive for the bigger cons. I know the folks there liked the closer drive PA afforded, but hotel rooms at the Host were starting to nudge up there for several years running.

To all the readers I didn't know I had, thanks for sticking with me. I promise I'll try to post more often. I tend to post as the whim strikes me, or that I actually have something to say.

But here's the status report on what's going on wargaming-wise:

Blood Upon the Risers: On hiatus, I have a paying gig with Ambush Alley Games that I can't get too much into, suffice to say, I think people will like it. So, Blood Upon The Risers will be on hiatus till then.

Unnamed Ambush Alley Project: Handed in the rough draft last month. I am seeking to get some playtests done soon. The early reports are positive, but first reports always are.

Pointman I am an Ambush Alley Pointman, though admittedly, I haven't really run anything, time and chaos being what it has been this year. I intend to change that very soon. Both Labryinth and Eagle and Empire will be seeing me run stuff...soon as I can figure out what...Probably some sci-fi with the Tomorrow's War light edition to drum up buzz for the main release coming out in October.

Fistful of Tows 3 Yet another new passion of mine. I am statting out the T2K vehicles for it. And, found a small rules flaw. As written, it makes M1s impervious to shots from all around, where we know if you get a rear shot on ANY tank, it should kill it. I know, this is a platoon of tanks it's representing, but there should be some benefit to getting into someone's rear. We're trying a house rule where you don't get your h-class protection if the shot is in the flank or rear, but on second thought, that seems a bit draconian? Perhaps you dice off instead? 1-4 you get the protection, 5-6 you don't?

Other than that, I have got a ton of personal stuff going on, not all bad, but it does mean I haven't gotten any painting or model making done.. (bummer).

Heck, perhaps some blogging will re-fire the old creative juices on that vein?

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