22 September 2009


Guess I found a way after all to get to Baltimore this weekend! I am going to be taking the B30 from Greenbelt Metro, to BWI and then a light rail connection to Camden Yards and the CC! Talk about doing one's research, eh? Guess I get some historicals goodness, and talk about low cost solutions for Historicon next year! Now, if I could get somebody interested in sharing the hotel room I have reserved that weekend in the adjoining hotel....


  1. On a slightly different note, it looks like Herb gave you some credit in the new RPG rules and guess who he didn't give credit to? Jade Hellbe!

  2. Not surprised...JH doesn't like role playing..as for me...I remember making a few comments in the Fan Input board. Not sure I wanna pay $10 for a "beta"...If that's the case, then why have playtesters? Ah...the fun of CBT...PF's second rule of gaming...don't release it before it's done. Sneak peeks are ok...but not the whole bloody thing.

  3. It looks pretty good though, I paid the $10. I'm actually glad to see what changes they have added, for example, it's actually easy to generate a mech warrior character now, imagine that! being able to generate a mech warrior, in the mech warrior RPG! hehehe