13 July 2010

A birthday, a lot of lead and some new books

It's been a busy, though not very productive time since the last blog post. Haven't gotten much in the way of painting done, but I did get a test scheme of one of the Caliph's troopers for Djazlah done. I may highlight some of it a bit...but other than that, I am pretty happy with it and am going to use my new portable photo studio to snap some shots of it. Who says Ebay hasn't got anything useful anymore?

Also, I am very happy with the recent acquisitions I've made, a large Libmins order (probably the last one for a while), and a Battlefield miniatures lot I got second hand I'm splitting with Jage. Battlefield has some unique subjects, and I'm looking forward to my half of the figures. Hell, even the negotiations will be a blast.

Jage also told me he got the first of the 6mm he's painting for me at cost done. I am eager to see and photograph them. Future War Commander may happen sooner than we think?

My main addiction these days is Silent Hunter 4. Yes, that's right, I am happily sinking lots of the Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine. I'm running a campaign with an old S boat and I've already sunk:

At least a half dozen freighters (including one I had to shoot with a third torpedo, two didn't even slow him down...the third broke him in half!)
2 Tankers
God only knows how many Sampans and Fishing Boats
And the feather in my cap? 1 Takao Class Heavy Cruiser (ironic since three of the four in this class were sunk by US Submarines historically, I just did one in two years earlier)

The game's got some small frustrating factors, like a propensity to crash at times, (Save often) but it's pretty good, and there's nothing tenser than sneaking past the escorts at 3-4kts trying for that one good shot on a convoy.

Also received for my turning 36...yeah, I'm that old...was some books from Amazon. Not all have arrived, but I am working my way through Achtung Schweinhund!, and honestly, I really don't know why in the hell I didn't read this sooner. It's hysterically funny and poignant at the same time, though my collapse into near hysterics on the Metro probably scared some of my fellow commuters. My seeming lack of decorum was in response to the one scene where the young author tries to "bayonet" his grandfather in the groin. It's just priceless. His description of Airfix charades and the "Reich/Spice Girls" comment is comedy gold for wargamers. Not to mention his description of teenage model builders and their exposure to various solvents and other chemicals makes you wonder if we're all a bit addicted to what's IN the glue?

I've got the more serious work Tonight We Die as Men which reminds us, there was more than one company and one battalion in the 101st, no offense to Dick Winters and the rest of Easy Company. I am expecting a quality product from Osprey and I don't think they'll disappoint.

Well, that's all for now.

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