17 July 2011

After a long slumber

It’s been a long slumber here at PF 150′s blog. I am currently kinda in a holding pattern game wise. Mainly, this is due to needing to find the wife a job. It’s been a real pain. Moreso then when I was out of work. Guess I am one of the lucky ones. So, not much time for gaming anything, though I did get in a delightful game of Fistful of Tows 3 at Eagle and Empire. Good fun was had by Dave Luff and I, though I think we may have to plan the logistics a lot better. It was your typical US/Soviet Sunday Drive to the Rhine game set in 1987. Not too much to tell, and silly me forgot to get photos, but the game played as well as I remembered FFT 2 played.

I liked the fact the Soviet tanks were tougher and T-80s are now a very scary thing, especially to US Dragon armed infantry. TOW armed Brads have a lot of trouble with them too, but not as much. M1s…well, M1s are still playing “pull” with just about any Soviet tank out there.

We didn’t finish, but it looked as if the US was going to win (played by your humble blogger) as I’d only lost a pair of Brad Stands to watching the heart ripped out of at least a regiment’s worth of Soviet tanks. He still had at least two fresh battalions and some motor rifle troops, but I didn’t think it was enough support to get a win of exploiting off the table.

As for other news. Well, it’s almost here. Amazon has informed me that Force On Force is on it’s way to my humble home. I don’t have the wargaming dollars I used to, so this is a BIG deal for me. Early reports from the UK state this is a match of Osprey eye candy, good print quality and a darn good editorial standard. All of this is good for AAG, as I think this will be a very fruitful partnership for both sides. I am looking forward to this and their new Cold War Hot supplement….and some more has been released on the contents:

1) Cold War Fears…this is a collection of essays, scenarios and stats for what we thought was going to happen. E.g., Fulda Gap, Soviet breakthroughs, etc. The main thrust of these scenarios is getting back into the mindset that existed during the 1980s when NATO and the US were trying to figure out a way to survive the Soviet/Pact superiority in numbers.

2) Cold War Realities…this section will focus on what we know today about the 1980s. The declassification of documents on both sides shows that the Soviet Union was a lot tougher on paper than in reality. Think, The Bear Went Over the Mountain applied to all the likely theaters of conflict. Would the Soviets have been able to achieve a breakthrough? How would the Warsaw Pact forces handle a major slugfest with NATO?

3) Cold War Hollywood. We all have our favorite movies and books…we’re taking it one step further and writing scenarios in that vein. If you’re a fan of fictional encounters like Ice Station Zebra and Red Storm Rising, you won’t be disappointed.

All I can say is I can’t wait for November. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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