13 July 2009

Organizing Blues, Part 2

Things didn't turn out SO bad...the bad news is I will probably need more Litko flex steel bottoms...the good news? As I transition over to the Wargames Accessories steel bases, that need will decline. I just wish Wargames Accessories made circular 1/2" Penny Bases.

In other news, I have a new Digital Camera to break in soon...and next weekend should have some new 15mm sci-fi to look at, this time from the 2300AD Universe...but these guys will work for mercs anywhere...btw...anybody have a line on some extra, preferably unpainted Force XXI sci-fi infantry they're not using? I especially need heavy weapons guys (MGs, Plasma Guns, RLs, ATGM and the like). I think I can work a trade or two..Also, does anyone out there know if DLD is still producing...I may make an order with them at the end of the year if I can be assured I'll get what I order within six months.

As for other matters, all is good, other than a small injury to my left hand...sliced my middle finger with a pair of scissors... embarrassing more than anything else.

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