29 July 2009

Sorry about the hiatus.

Work and home have been slightly busy, but I have some in progress projects as well as an FoF WWII AAR I want to put up. Am bringing someone new into the fold and hoping all is well. It's been a lot of fun lately. In any event, look for more here soon.


  1. Yes, where are the pictures, we want to see the pictures, hehehe...

  2. OMG! The new WoB celestrial omni's with the Manei Domini pilots and all of the RPG stuff is pretty un beatable. Two games this weekend and both clan and inner sphere forces were eviscerated!
    The Shadow Divisions field 6 mechs per lance and the pilots have the buffered VDNI and pain shunts and the mechs have improved C3 and Heavy
    ERPPC's and targeting computers and OUCH! My Masakari got it's ass kicked!

    One mech died in the first turn in both games thanks to Havalah Cazer and her special set up hidden rule.

    Soon another mech was dead or had no arms of two Gyro hits or Head capped and God knows what else. Thanks to C3 systems the WoB mechs
    almost never missed with thier weapons attacks.

    Pretty munchy stuff if you ask me, starting to feel a lot like WarHammer 40K.

    Need to re-think how to fight these guys, the Bentley brothers had a
    fun weekend at the expen

  3. Best consensus thus far IMHO...

    1) ECM...lots of ECM, at least two per company.

    2) Gang fire, even with clan-tech. All else isn't going to do a lot. The Wobbie Mechs can take an extreme amount of punishment, but pound for pound, not as much firepower. Opposite of the clan problem.