15 July 2009

A slight rant- It's bad enough they're killing machines that won't stop!

They have to eat you now too?

Story from Fox here

Great, now we're gonna have to worry about Zombies that take a AT-4 to stop. Fun. I can imagine the scene now...

On scene battalion commander to techie: Ok, son, so the warbots got a computer virus? How does this translate to it killing and eating my men?

Techie: Well sir, it seems the computer virus told the bots one word...brains.

Yeah I know, groan worthy..but would the Terminator have been the same if we knew Arnie wasn't just trying to kill Sarah, but devour her too?

I love cross-genres...but sometimes they give me headaches.


  1. Looks like that Cyclone engine is really cool, external combustion really simplifies the process of converting biomater/oil/coal/whatever into usable fuel, we could end up having this type of engine in our cars one day.

  2. As much as the tech is wunderbar...and it is, people can't get past the "it eats corpses" thing.

  3. Again your getting hung up on some stupid Fox News Wierdness that has nothing to do with the Cyclone Engine. Just because the engine can operate on biofuel doesn't mean that it will be fueled with corpses.