13 July 2009

A shout out!

Two of my gaming buddies have had it a bit rough lately...and let's face it...with things the way they are, we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up. Here's a shout out to Murph..best of luck finding employment...and if it's in this area...then not only good, but maybe, finally we might meet in the flesh? Don't be a stranger Murph.

And then, CLDecker, who's been a good friend and just a hell of a guy lately. His health isn't always the best, and bad news with some deaths in his family have not helped. I wish him the best, and if he wants to talk, I am here.

And, another shout out to Combat Wombat...he's shutting down his company of the same name to go serve his country in his day job...good luck, protect yours...kick theirs.
And, thanks.

Salud guys!

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