04 August 2010

It's a go!

As I posted on TMP:

Ok folks,
Jage 111 and I have begun work, I've already penned an article, a scenario to be honest, and it's generic enough you can use it with any system.

What do we need from you? If you want to write, we're looking to put the first issue out sometime next month, after that, it'll be every three months to start. So, we need articles! Anything 15mm sci fi or stuff that can be used with 15mm sci fi is welcome. Please send it to me at:


I'll get it to Jage, unless he's willing to give his email out here.

We'd especially love articles on world building and new backgrounds to game in, or how to adapt that favorite RPG or other game background to your beloved rules set.

We're also taking name submissions for the fanzine, names suggested thus far are:

"Miniature Droptrooper"

Obviously, we need a bit of help here. So, send your ideas about that too either via PM or email as mentioned earlier.

Thanks a bunch guys, and let's see if we can make this a success.

A link to the actual post is here:

TMP Post

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