01 August 2010

WW I this weekend

Well, gamed with the crew in Alexandria this weekend. And did we have fun! The game was set during the last German offensive in 1918. I played Germans mainly b/c of all the toys we got, tanks, flammenwerfer, mortars, Stosstruppen. Yeah, it was just too tempting.

I ended up commanding what soon became described as the pinning force while the other guys on my side moved up the left. Well, I got hammered. My tank was riddled with HMG fire and everybody died...but not before I got a breach in the wire. So, I pushed everybody through...only to watch only two of them make it to the British trench line in the end, and die in the melee.

On my left, the attack went alright, the British bunkers were suppressed, and the tanks kept stalling out (mine was the only one that was consistently moving...as it turned out). They got into the British trench line, and the A7V trundled through the British trench line(happily, our artillery had waxed the British Heavy Mortar that had been covering the sector with a lucky round). But, alas, the tank and one German survivor cowering in a captured bunker was all that was left of approximately a company's worth of Germans. Yep, typical WWI. I had a good time though. The mayhem was picturesque and the rules (Trench Wars), were simple buckets o' dice rules, which I happen to like.

I wanna thank Steve, Dave, Jason and Wyatt for a fun and engaging game. Here's to next month. The terrain and company is simply awesome.

And now, here's some pictures:


The bunker on the left that the Germans managed to take.


My forlorn Mk IV after being riddled with HMG fire.


A panoramic view of the field.

A closeup of my MK IV


The A7V that made it through the British trench line


Here I am about to make the fateful breach


Here's some of the British defenders.

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