10 August 2010

Sierra Foxtrot One Five is BORN!

As submitted here:

Sierra Foxtrot One Five, a new fanzine for 15mm SF gamers, is looking for article submissions from you. Just about anything that could be of use to the 15mm Sci-Fi gamer will be accepted.

- Articles should be good, but pithy. Anything over 2-3K in length is going to probably be made a 2-parter.

- Pictures should be in .jpeg or .gif format.

- If you want to do art for us, realize we're doing a "hard-sf" look for the mag, we're getting away from the Gothic SF look of GW.

What kinds of articles are we looking for? AARs, Scenarios, reviews of figures, resin vehicles, terrain or just about anything of interest to the 15mm SF gamer. (We're especially looking for stuff that could be useful but a 15mm gamer might overlook). Interviews with figure manufacturers and rules writers (down in front Jon, CW and the gang at Rebel and Khurasan!).

All article submissions should be in .doc, .txt or .rtf format. Please send all submissions to jasonDOTweiserATgmailDOTcom

And thanks!

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