02 August 2010

15mm Sci-Fi Fanzine?

With the recent explosion of 15mm as a sci-fi scale, I've been pretty happy to report that it seems that the new releases are just getting harder and harder to track. What is vexing however, is that there isn't as much of a "one stop shop" or more indepth articles for those of us who appreciate the 15mm and it's sci-fi Renaissance.

Jage, a friend and fellow TMPer, has proposed a fanzine to fill in the blanks that Dropship Horizon or other's can't because blog entries aren't always able to be longer affairs like a fanzine can. I think this is a solid idea and I am certainly in favor of the idea. I think a quarterly format, of four issues per year in PDF format might work best, and I think for the most part, it's what one can get in terms of articles for now.

But the fact is, we really don't want to "step on toes" of the great bloggers like LSS and Dropship, to name a few. So, what say you, fellow 15mm gamer? I'd like to hear your take on the idea.

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