31 January 2010

Did I have a productive weekend!

I got a lot done on the 15mm front this weekend, the TFL are almost done. I think we will see pics next weekend as all I need to do is flock the figures, decal the vehicles and seal the lot, and then, we have a completed TFL force. I am really enjoying seeing these figures come together. The Wombats from GZG are a simple pleasure to paint and they complement the infantry well.

Right now, the figures are based on pennies and I am doing the wet Liquitex, then sand over the figures. It's not meant to be complicated and since most of Aurore is desert, that base seems to work. I wish someone made blue-green clump foliage. It would complement the sand well, but c'est'la vie.

In any case, stay tuned for a really neat looking army.

Also printed out my copy of Ambush Valley. I'm torn about doing Vietnam...I'd probably do it in 20mm and I gave it a run in HS, but it never seemed to get off the ground. I have the figures for the US troops as I was intending on using them for 2nd line types for Twilight 2000. However, the boat rules are darn useful...and the "improved guerrillas" rules...they're perfect for insurgent armies like the VC who were pretty hardly little fellows. I'm thinking certain sci-fi projects would benefit...like the Sahadeen perhaps?

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