07 January 2010

One of the coolest Sci-Fi deals EVER!

From Jon at GZG!

Hi all, hope 2010 is being good to you so far!

I want to put to you all an idea that came about from a conversation I had this morning with Paul Owen (our esteemed Web admin); we were discussing the fact that while we are now trying to ensure we get photos for the webstore of all the individual new codes we release, we have none showing the special pack deals that we offer.
We'd like to have some good quality pics that really show off the pack deals to best advantage, and there is simply no way I will ever get round to having the time to do this myself - so we're asking if some of you would like to do it.

Most of you are probably familiar with the BATTLEFORCE deals we offer on the 15mm Stargrunt range figures and vehicles - you get a good core force to start your army; the exact composition depends on the pack you choose, but in general you get a combined arms group consisting of a section or platoon of armour, a platoon of mechanised infantry plus (where applicable) a mix of support, recon, command elements etc., with various accessories and extras thrown in as well - over £75.00 worth of minis for a deal price of £60.00.

Now, we want to give some of these BF deal packs away FREE (we'll even send it to you post free)!

The catch is, in return for one of these FREE packs we want you to commit to ASSEMBLING AND PAINTING the minis in a reasonably short timeframe, and sending us some decent photos of them which we can use to illustrate the pack contents on our webstore, in adverts and so on.

Obviously, you get to keep all the minis - all we want are the pictures. You'll be putting in a good few hours of your hobby time, but in return you'll have a finished army that you can use at no financial outlay - so everybody wins! ;-)

We WOULD ask to see a pic or two of previous stuff that you've painted (it doesn't have to be anything of ours, just something to show your style) when you apply, but please don't be put off if you don't think your work is of the highest standard. We are not asking for prizewinning painting levels, though obviously we do want the results to look competent and attractive. Even simple paint jobs (sprayed basecoat and some washing/drybrushing) can look fine, and in many ways these actually show the lines of the minis better than things like complex camo patterns. What we need is a few of you who are prepared to commit the time and effort to actually getting the job done, so please don't respond if you don't have both the enthusiasm and the free time available in the near future.

Just as a final incentive, while I've said that we don't need an incredibly high standard, we WILL give something extra as a PRIZE for the most attractive finished force after we get them all in!

Quantity-wise, we're talking about in the region of ten to a dozen vehicles and forty to fifty infantry figures (which may be single or fireteam-based to your choice) in each BF deal, exact numbers depending on which pack it is.

So, IF you can fulfill all of the following.......

1) you can commit to building, painting and photographing a force of that size in a reasonably fast timeframe (we're looking at ideally around 4 to 6 weeks from you receiving the parcel from us).

2) you have a reasonable standard of painting and modelling skill - sufficient to make the minis look attractive at tabletop viewing distance, we don't need exhibition standard but we don't want splodgy messes either!

3) you have (or have access to) the facilities and equipment to take a number of qood quality, well lit, in-focus shots of the finished minis, in groups and singly, and send the results to us by email.

4) you'd like about £75 worth of completely FREE minis in return for some time and effort....

...then please drop me a line directly, to . Please attach at least one pic of an example of your painting, and please let me know which one(s) of the following forces you would be most interested in doing:

HOVER (GEV) force
WALKER force
KRA'VAK grav vehicle force
8-WHEELER force*

(* these are ones where we haven't yet sorted out BF deals on them, but I want to gauge interest in doing them....).

We will need to get ONE of each force type done, so if you want to give us several options in order of preference then that would make things easier rather than everybody wanting to do one type!
Please note that the INFANTRY nationality supplied with each force will be to OUR choice, because we want to depict a good spread of options, but if you have any particular likes/dislike feel free to mention them and we'll try to take that into account.

IMPORTANT: by replying to this request, you are merely expressing interest - you are NOT actually committing yourself (or us) to anything at this stage - we won't send anything out to anybody until we've confirmed and agreed everything by email. However, by responding you do affirm that you are able to fulfill the criteria mentioned above. Obviously we do reserve the right to make all decisions about which offers we accept and reject.

I'm posting this here on the GZG list first, but will probably follow it up with postings to places like TMP, SFSFW, Dropship Horizon and so on - but all you listers are getting to see it first - so over to you.....

Jon (GZG)

PS: IF we get enough response to this and it actually works out OK, then we might consider extending it to cover the Fleet Deals of FT ships too...... ;-)

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