22 January 2010

Not much going on, but expect more soon!

Well, due to the fact I need new spectacles (and am getting them Tuesday), my painting schedule has taken a bit of a hiatus. But, I have made some forward progress on the 15mm Tanstaffl Free Legion I've been working on in 15mm, and I am rather happy with the lads, as soon as that's done, I plan on working on some other armies, probably some USCM types for Aliens...now if only somebody could tell me where I can get a decent 15mm analogue for the M577 APC? I'd be happy.

On the CBT front, I need to do finishing touches on the last of my 4th Donegal Guards company, then finish up a ELH company, and then? I dunno, there's a couple of lance and single sized units I'd like to build up, but for some reason, working on a generic Marik Company also sounds appealing. I think I have some interesting stuff to fill that out with.

Not much going on in 20mm right now, I barely have enough time to paint as it is...but I think things will improve shortly.

I also expect to post some reviews of some product I've managed to procure recently from Rebel, Top Gun and QRF.

A note to all who have supported this blog and my endeavors...THANKS!

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