11 June 2009

Does our hobby encourage meglomania?

Yeah, I know, but the fact is...what else could it be when we acquire mountains of lead we're always behind in painting. Or, worse, we never get around to it. How about rules we NEVER play. I am as guilty as the rest, but the fact is, would we have it any other way? I dunno, for all the statements about "The Pledge", frugal gaming and other such ideas, the gact is, we've got a bit of a pricy hobby. But to be honest, for all of it's acquisitiveness, I've also met some really great folks here. Folks I am proud to know..Murph, CLDecker, Gallowglas, Hrothgar, and that's just the TMP folks. There's the DC Writing Group, the Friday Night Mechwreckers, I am damn happy to be a part of this hobby, even if I am a shopping whore. But I try to trade more often now, even though now it's more about space than it is about money...and to be honest..it's a problem I am glad to have!

In other news, I am trying out this new Zemanta extention, it autopops suggested links and makes tagging a lot easier. We'll see how well it works out.

I am rather happy about the new Rebel Miniatures releases for their 15mm sci-fi line. It looks rather good, and to quote Murph, there is a real renaissance in 15mm these days. I think there is a movement towards smaller scales, easier on the wallet and more space friendly..and with the new generation of rules like Ambush Alley coming to the fore, where a 4x4 table is all you need for a cracking game, the smaller is better movement is catching on...now to find folks closer to DC who want to do micro-armor!

Also, got a question related to storage...I know I asked the Guild this, but I wanted to ask everyone else. Has anyone tried the magnetic paint instead of sheeting to line the bottom of their transport/storage cases?

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  1. And you did not mention the Kvetching nag that I am. Oh, yes dear readers, This is the wife here. And for space for PF150s minis, i take up hobbies that take very little space. Library books, candymaking, needlepoint.....

  2. Hi PF, the hording instinct seems to be particularly strong among gamers. Does this happen in other hobbies? Do fishermen buy rods they'll never use, do soccer players buy boots they'll never wear? It's very strange, but like you say, it's a problem I'm glad to have. Though I am working on it...

    All the best