03 June 2009

Not much to report..but fun is ensuing

When last we left me, I was working on a lot of Twilight 2000 in 20mm and some 15mm sci-fi. I'll be able to report some progress soon on both as some of the items are approaching completion. Keep watching this space.

In other news, I am working on building a Romanian army for WWII and my problem is this, what captured stuff did the Romanians have? I am guessing Russian, but did they get their hands on any lend-lease stuff like Shermans? Anyone who could answer that question would be VERY helpful.

I am very happy to see 15mm Sci-fi is taking off and we're seeing lots more in the arena...just one problem...terrain. We need more of it. Old Crow, to their credit, put out some apartment blocks, but some more non-gothic sci-fi terrain (specifically buildings) is needed. I could always make it myself out of cork, but the rubble is proving to be tough to cut...I should have gotten that Stanley knife!

I also am going to put together some more kits and I hope to have some more items in my WWII armies done soon for public parousal.

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