24 June 2009

SITREP..24 JUNE 2009

The good news is that the CBT stuff is mostly selling, or at least getting nibbles. Now all we have to do is get the Full Thrust stuff put up. For those inclined, the for sale post on here. I am very happy the exterminator's coming soon as I dearly want to get back to painting in earnest. I have a lot to do...and little time to do it.

I am also working on a side project of mine...sort of a unexpected fusion of the RDF Sourcebook from Twilight 2000 and Ambush Alley/Force on Force. It's called "Blood Upon the Risers" and it is going to be a free scenario pack by yours truly for said games set during the fighting between the 82nd Airborne Division and 1/75th and 2/75th Ranger Battalions against the Soviet 104th Guards Airborne Division in the area of Bandar-e-Khomeini between April and May of 1997. I think the name is apt, and I am using Google Maps to help me come up with the maps for the scenarios. I think it's a new and fun use for all those guys who have Americans wearing DCUs and Soviets for Afghanistan. Now, if somebody knows where a good source of Iranians in 20mm are (think Iran-Iraq war, I know about Lib Mins multi purpose line, and that's a good start, but the only guys he has with G3s are his incomplete West German line). It'll get done when I can, the main stumbling block being using CC3 to create the maps...it's a steep learning curve, but doable.

In other news, CLDecker and I are really embracing the Terminator theme, and I think the latest release of the rules may finally have terminators of the requisite toughness to sustain human fire. We'll see in the next playtest.

GZG is at it again, and they're so tempting me...especially the Ravager fellows as pictured on Dropship Horizon. I think I am going to get those and the Mantises I need for my Terminator flyers..now I just gotta work on John Connor's army. After I get the Tanstaffl Free Legion done I suppose.

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