17 June 2009

Hording, part 2

Ok, now I am going insane...

We had the exterminators over last week...and they seemed to have helped somewhat. But, we need another treatment...I got to painting some more vehicles, and blamo...the wife threw a fit because she just finds out about this today...and it becomes a general "harangue PF about his choice in hobbies" discussion...Am I wrong to be feeling a mite put out? Yes, I have a lot of stuff, I have a long standing "FOR TRADE" post on TMP here, but after a certain amount of activity, it has been tough to move stuff.

But honestly? Why in the hell do I work my tail off to be told that my enjoyment is "taking over the apartment" when I spend most of our social time doing things SHE wants to do. Have I complained? No. Even when some of this has at times, made me a bit uncomfortable. Again, I am supportive and have kept my mouth shut. But dammit...my one outlet..my stress relief is somehow a problem? UGH!

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