22 June 2009

It has begun

Well, I am selling some of the CBT and Full Thrust stuff off. Frankly. I'll probably wind up doing FT again sometime...now..it's just taking up space. As for CBT...I have kinda spilled enough ink over that, I'll just be glad to cull it a bit and put it away for a time. I need some time away. The game's going places I am not always cool with and I do not know if I can in good conscience, support it anymore. I appreciate the effort all parties are putting in, but I am simply not cool with a lot of what's gone on.

All in all, perhaps it's best I get some time away from it.

1 comment:

  1. Saw your post at AmbushAlley forum. Best of luck finding a new group, you have some cracking stuff on the blog - hope you meet some similar minds over there